Will FB be the demise of TV?

April 12, 2016Uncategorized
Carrie Lewis, Senior Strategic Content Planner

Carrie Lewis, Senior Strategic Content Planner

Facebook has always said it’s more than just a website, it’s a movement. It’s a lot of things to a lot of people, and it’s the people that are driving constant innovation in a hope that Zuckerberg can turn Facebook into the internet. Or try to, at least.

After lots of thinking forward to the future of Facebook, we are getting to the point where we are seeing the vision in real light. All the exciting talk about video that’s been bubbling away for some time can now be seen in our newsfeeds. The onset of 360, representing the beginning of Facebook’s VR journey, and of course the cool examples of live streaming we’ve recently seen by The Tonight Show, and U2, makes Facebook a direct competitor to the likes of Twitter, the real-time platform, and of course Periscope, Meerkat and Apple’s very own Facetime. What’s even more exciting for us is that Facebook has just made this available to everyone through Facebook Live.

But what does this venture into live streaming mean for TV? To this point we’ve seen the two mediums work hand in hand, with duel screening a behaviour us marketers have harped on about for some time. We’ve also recently seen Facebook partner with TubeMogel, a programmatic ad platform that allows Facebook to plug the gaps in the TV audience. All pretty nice.

But is Facebook planning on taking a larger piece of the pie? Facebook has been pretty open about its interest in live streaming and its willingness to pay for live video content. Dan Rose, Facebook’s vice president of partnerships, has confirmed it is holding talks with the NFL about rights to stream football games live, and is also interested in having similar conversations with media partners and celebrities.

So what does all this mean? At some point we could be reaching for our laptop instead of a remote to watch live TV, which frankly doesn’t seem too far away given the huge penetration of Netflix and VOD platforms that can be consumed away from our own homes. So what about traditional TV? Is it something power-hungry Zuckerberg could be going for next? Is Facebook really the future of everything? We’ll just have to watch this space.