Why a strategy and a mission are essential for successful content marketing

September 22, 2015Uncategorized

Craig Hodges, CEO, King Content

One of the key subjects with a lot of traction at Content Marketing World this year was effectiveness and ROI. While this is something King Content has focused on for a while, it was certainly a major theme of CMW 2016. The subject has been discussed in a multitude of ways, from the technical perspective through to the need to set yourself up for success. The latter has always been of great interest to King Content, and it has become a critical focus for our business.

The focus on ROI has also coincided with the importance we place on a strategic approach to content marketing. How can we get started in content marketing without a plan? How can we start down this path without an idea of where we are going? How we will win? How we are going to get a return on what we invest in content marketing?

Joe Pulizzi delivered some brilliant insights during the opening keynote presentation thanks to findings from CMI’s latest global content marketing research. Here are three key takeaways from the research:

  1. You will be four times more effective with your content marketing program if you start with a documented content strategy.
  2. You will be three times more effective if you have an editorial mission.
  3. You will be three times more effective if you are clear and aligned on your success metrics.

This was music to our ears.

While we have a whole host of differing perspectives on how and why effectiveness is important, there is one key point that drowns out the rest of that noise: develop a content strategy before you start on your content marketing program and you will be four times more effective.

Now give me a reason why you don’t need a content strategy.