What is Inbound Marketing?

July 4, 2012Uncategorized

In recent weeks, more and more clients have been asking me what the difference is between inbound marketing and content marketing. Basically, content marketing forms the basis of an inbound strategy.

As consumers (myself included), I’m sure you will agree that we’re getting tired of constantly being sold to. For example, with TV ads we’ve developed this natural tendency to clutch the remote and channel surf every time an ad break appears. The same can be said for phones. Thank goodness I don’t have a landline, otherwise who knows how many telesales calls I’d still be receiving.

But what still amazes me is the amount of direct mail we get sent by companies. I don’t even need to mention the current plight of newspapers. Surely the return that companies get from these outbound marketing strategies is almost zero? Or is it that they are so set in their ways that they are too scared to venture out into new marketing landscapes?

At the start of the year, HubSpot released a great report called the State of Inbound Marketing – its free to download and has some great findings. A bit closer to home, we heard this week how succesful Lorna Jane has been with their social media strategies. Their social media channels drive sales to the equivalent of two physical stores, which is really awesome!

The only way blogs, social media, eBooks, videos, online newsletters and other inbound marketing channels can be successful is through offering customers content that is valuable, informative and amusing, which will lead to customers sharing, talking about and ultimately becoming brand advocates for you.

Let them do the selling, not you!