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Every week, Melbourne Content Strategist Lieu Pham compiles the latest content marketing articles, news and advice from the web to create the week in content marketing. Sit back, relax and enjoy staying on top of the latest digital content marketing related news and trends!

Lieu Pham King ContentThis week, we witnessed the rise of social parody and learnt about “sadvertising” – could a good cry be the secret sauce in meaningful content?

Both Canon and IBM step up their marketing game and show us how they’ve adapted to stay relevant. Meanwhile, journalist Heather Havrilesky keeps it real by giving us a memorable glimpse into the ‘day of a writer’ (truly funny stuff). And in Brazil, a homewares manufacturer took it up a notch with its barbecue bible, which also includes tools – a great example of youtility. Salt with your cookbook, anyone?

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1The rise of sadvetising

Sadvertising or the “Upworthy effect” can be added to another, larger cultural trend: the trend towards reality. The thirst for real stories has remade TV and now informs shareable online content.


2The great unwatched and the rise of video-verification companies

Online video sales are growing at a stellar rate. But what’s the ROI? “More than half of online video ads are not seen, either because they are buried low on web pages or run in tiny, easily ignored video players on those pages, or run simultaneously with other ads.”


3Brain study: The “cannot unsee”

How what you know can influence what you see.


4How to be a writer

Essential reading for any freelance writer and, hands down, the most entertaining ‘opinion’ piece I’ve read all week.


5Canon’s marketing strategy: Capture moments that count

The company is reaching out to its online consumer and challenging the ‘good enough’ mentality in the marketplace.


6Andrew Sullivan on native ads: Journalism has surrendered

Journalist and blog entrepreneur Andrew Sullivan is not one to jump on bandwagons. In this interview, he shares his opinions on the defeat of journalism.


7IBM wants you to know it’s everywhere

IBM’s recent campaign, with the theme “Made With IBM,” featured snapshots of how the brand’s services like cloud computing and mobile analytics are used by organisations around the world.


8Push to put brands in video content

Madison Avenue finally joins the content marketing game, and moves towards branded content.



9Barbecue bible has pages made of coal and salt

Could books with the subject’s tools enclosed in the pages be a new trend? Cookware and homewares manufacturer Tramonitina has created a book to teach the reader how to become a barbecue master. Best of all, its pages are filled with handy tips that you can rip out and use — yes, you read that right. Check out the video.

10Google debuts an education platform for teacher-student communication

The Classroom app is part of Google’s Apps for Education lineup of products, and it uses Docs, Drive and Gmail to make assignment creation and tracking easier than when you’d do them manually. Basically, Google has taken a process that many were already using and streamlined it to make it more useful.

11Google alerts you if you’re near a product you’ve researched

Google is attempting to bridge the online and offline worlds with a new feature in Google Now that alerts you if you walk near a product you’ve researched online.


12We’re sharing more photos but getting less in return

Theoretically, we could have an up-to-the-minute photo database of any popular location. We’d just need Instagram to include more metadata by default and allow users to sort by location (or let a third-party app do the same).


13The rise of social parody

Is a work of parody a sign of distaste for the original or is it the true measure of success? Is the edict “There’s no such thing as bad publicity” really true?


14Snapchat comes clean 

Snapchat has agreed to settle with the Federal Trade Commission over charges that it deceived users about how much privacy they have with the ephemeral messaging app.


15Want to shop on Twitter? Amazon has a hashtag for that

The #AmazonCart hashtag allows buyers to place products found on Twitter into their Amazon shopping carts without ever leaving the comfort and fun of their Twitter page.


1 (2)Taking a photo against a white background? Amazon owns the patent on that

The retailer has claimed a legal monopoly on the ubiquitous white background in photography, joining the silly patent ranks of peanut butter sandwich.

2 (2)Infographic: 13 reasons why your brain craves infographics

A cool infographic that explains why our generation has become so obsessed with infographics.



3 (2)Expert Q&A: How can you be a more effective content marketer?

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