The week in content marketing – 4 Mar

March 4, 2015Uncategorized

The week in content marketing with King Content strategist Lieu Pham

This week, we tackle the three hurdles to native, contemplate the marketing department of the future and explore why stories matter. Meanwhile, Facebook gets weird, Snapchat makes us feel old and YouTube targets kids advertising.

And, as usual, there’s a round-up of some great content marketing tools, including Jay Baer’s new marketing podcast site, Ragan’s list of free visual tools and Buffer’s handy infographic on how often we should post on social channels.

Content Marketing & Media

8Kids advertisers slowly embrace web video

It’s no secret that operating in the kids marketing space is tough. YouTube recently announced its new kids-aimed mobile app, seemingly a big opportunity for kids advertisers who want to move money out of TV to digital video. But, as this WSJ article explains, the web is still seen as a bit of a minefield by kids advertisers, so it could be more of a slow burn than a hearty embrace.

16Case study: Dollar Shave Club’s omnichannel strategy

The subscription service that delivers razors and other men’s grooming products by mail is behind some of the most innovative marketing executions around. Adam Weber, the company’s senior vice president of marketing, explains the secret to the company’s success: “We don’t believe in the silver bullet philosophy – that one channel will solve all of our problems.”

3The three key threats to making native work

Native is an exciting opportunity for marketers, but as a relatively new territory it comes with growing pains. Before you make your native play, consider these three potential obstacles and the corresponding solutions that could help to combat them.


10Why influencer marketing is essential to your content marketing strategy

Influencer marketing plays a key role in the distribution and amplification of content, particularly as it relates to building credibility and trust. In fact, influencers can boost conversions and enhance customer loyalty and retention in the long run.


14Marketers will define company strategy

Marketers have traditionally run the ‘final leg’ for organisations, determining how to help a product or service reach its intended audience. However, informally, marketers have often led the strategy for organisations, and digital trends have accelerated this. As Google’s ZMOT study shows, marketers play an influential role in the early stages of the buying process and it makes sense for them to be there from the beginning.
13Why do stories matter?

Contently’s storytelling miniseries attempts to interpret and answer this question in four video executions. 


The marketing department of the future

Moz’s Samuel Scott attempts to debunk the myth that “traditional and Internet marketing are entirely different things that need entirely separate approaches”.


Social & Tech


The Snapchat and the platypus

In this long-read, Andrew McLaughlin, CEO of Digg, makes an ecological comparison between Snapchat and the platypus. 



6The definitive guide to Weird Facebook

Writer Jordan Pedersen proclaims that if David Lynch and Yung Lean had a digital love child it would be Weird Facebook. She describes it as “a loose conglomeration of pages that post bizarre image macros”. In this Kernel piece, Pedersen pays homage to the bizarre communities that have found a home on Facebook.


4Facebook passes 2 million advertisers, launches ads manager app for iOS

The social giant has just launched its ad manager app for the US to make it easy for businesses and brands to manage their advertising campaigns. The new app coincides with Facebook’s recent announcement that it has increased its advertising network.


2Is Snapchat really confusing, or am I just old?

Snapchat, the fastest-growing social app, boasts over 200 million active users, mostly teenagers. Tech writer Will Oremus confesses that even though he’s part of the Facebook generation, he secretly doesn’t fully ‘get’ Snapchat.


Tips, Tools & Tactics

7The enhanced Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn

Last year LinkedIn introduced us to its definitive guide to acquiring and nurturing customers with LinkedIn. The 2015 update is an improved version with more B2B goodness.



9Seven ways to use emotion to drive conversions

Sometimes we forget how much feeling goes into a purchase decision, despite how compelling a value proposition is. Marketing Land offers seven ways to use emotion to drive conversions.


11Infographic: How often should you post on social media?

You may know what you want to share, but how often should you share it? This handy infographic provides a breakdown of the optimum frequency across popular social media platforms. Find out at what point your engagement is most likely to drop off.


15Five free visual media tools

Ragan reports that 65 per cent of a brand’s audience is composed of visual learners, so it’s important to have a visual strategy in place. While some images come at a high price, there are also plenty of free resources, just like these five: 


12The 15 steps to make a great podcast

Jay Baer has unveiled, a search engine and reviews site for marketing podcasts. If you’re launching podcasts as part of your content marketing activities, you may want to check out this great resource, which contains everything from SlideShare presentations through to software recommendations.



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