The week in content marketing – 4 Feb

February 4, 2015Uncategorized

The week in content marketing with King Content strategist Lieu Pham

With BrandVoice by Forbes and T Brand Studio by The New York Times, there’s no shortage of media outlets turning their hand to branded content. The latest player to arrive on the scene is publishing house Condé Nast, which owns titles such as VogueVanity Fair and GQ. Condé Nast has previously dipped its toe in the branded content water, but 23 Stories by Condé Nast differs from previous propositions, as high-spending advertisers can now gain access to editorial staff to create bespoke multimedia content.

Elsewhere, Twitter launches its private group chat and video features, Snapchat unveils its new native advertising product, and Convince & Convert explains how you can effectively use brand ambassadors in your lead generation strategy.

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Content Marketing & Media


Case study: How Doctors Without Borders is trying to save the world through content marketing

Contently showcases the organisation’s incredible content marketing activities aimed at raising awareness of global humanitarian issues. Of note is the Exodus documentary and supporting interactive content, along with news and stories such as ‘The Boy Who Tricked Ebola’.

2Case study: What you need to know about content and influencer marketing

A growing number of B2B marketers are using influencer content programs to reach more prospects and grow their audience. In this article, TopRank Blog shares its learnings with a Content Marketing Institute case example. 



Condé Nast editors to create articles, videos for advertisers

Publishing house Condé Nast has risen to the adapt-or-perish challenge by establishing ‘23 Stories’ – a new department dedicated to creating branded content. The 2015 initiative follows a year of declining print ad pages and staff layoffs.



The state of marketing automation trends 2014 [infographic]

Marketo recently conducted a survey into marketing automation and created an infographic of the findings. No surprises that ‘lead generation’ was the most requested marketing automation capability from respondents. 


Social & Tech

5Now on Twitter: Group direct messages and mobile video camera

Twitter announced the roll-out of a native video product that will give mobile users the ability to upload clips of up to 30 seconds directly to the Twitter platform. There will also be a private group chat feature where users can hold closed conversations with up to 20 people.

6Snapchat launches ‘Discover’ feature ad support

Snapchat’s new feature highlights stories and videos provided by in-house content creators and outside publishers. ‘Discover’ will help the company – and its advertisers – use content to target a younger consumer base.


7What’s next for travel video?

Move over, YouTube. When it comes to the travel industry, social platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat may prove to be more effective distribution channels. eMarketer explains why. 



8In the future, touchscreens will touch back

Innovations in smartphone touchscreens are striving to capture the ‘human-ness’ of customer interactions. In this Wired opinion piece, David Linden contemplates the next level in smartphone technologies.


Tips, Tools & Tactics

9Beginner’s guide to benchmarking on social media

This step-by-step guide will reveal how to set up benchmarks across your social accounts.




10Five essential SEO techniques to master in 2015

Jim Yu examines the latest developments in SEO and offers tips on how to stay ahead of the changing game.





Rock star LinkedIn marketing tips: Top content of 2014

Jason Miller shares his greatest hits of LinkedIn marketing advice. 




12You’ve got brand ambassadors. Now what?

Identified your influencers? Check. Engaged with them? Check. But now what? How can you use your brand advocates to fuel your lead generation strategy? Convince & Convert tells you how.




Quality content factors: A list that’s actually helpful

What does ‘quality content’ look like? Search Engine Land offers a list of 20 characteristics to help you benchmark your content. Does yours make the grade?




How to generate 27 blog post ideas in 27 seconds

Kapost offers a basic template for generating 27 blog ideas in 27 seconds using three key blog types: how-to articles, listicles and curated posts. On your marks, get set, go!




How to audit your daily media reading habits

Lydia Laurenson believes “filtering content is really hard” in this age of digital consumption. We couldn’t agree more. In late 2014, she carried out the task of auditing her daily digital reading habits. Read her story.


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