The week in content marketing – 28 Jan

January 28, 2015Uncategorized

The week in content marketing with King Content strategist Lieu Pham.

Practise your best filibustering moves, marketers. The year 2016 co ‘Year of the Content Election’, as politicians leverage the tools and techniques of the content world to communicate their messages. Just ask the @WhiteHouse Administration – they know a thing or two about content marketing.

Elsewhere, Facebook sets to dominate the native landscape with video ads, Pinterest targets with tailored recommendations, and Tumblr builds an inhouse creative team for paid content. There are also musings on Millennials, Generation Z and Generation Image – Ah! consumers they keep a-changin’ but one thing’s a constant – this weekly round-up of content marketing news and tips!

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Content Marketing & Media

2The First Content Election

Pando says 2016 will be the ‘Year of the Content Election’, as politicians don their content marketing hats to promote their policies. Let’s hope that they’re not just thinking of campaigns, but also a long-term strategy for engaging and improving the lives of voters.

9Nikon’s ‘Generation Image’ Campaign

‘I Am Generation Image’ is a new campaign that documents the experiences of real-life people by putting the camera in the hands of amateur photographers. It’s a pretty well-worn concept executed well, particularly in the case of one family of contributors. Find out more:


Move Over Millennials: Here Comes Gen Z

Marketers thought they had it bad when they had to produce ideas that reflected the diverse life stages of the Millennial generation. But increasingly they have to consider Gen Z: consumers aged 11 to 16, who may prove even a bigger challenge than their predecessors.

4Before You Outsource

So what should you look for when working with a content marketing agency? There are many criteria to consider. Do they have a proven strategic model? Do they practise what they preach? Checking out an agency’s content assets is the first step.

Social & Tech

15The New Era of Hashtag Activism

Hashtag activism  has received its fair share of criticism. In this article, a Kernel author reassess its value with references to the Occupy movement, Kony, the Ice Bucket Challenge and Eric Garner.


16Tumblr Launches an Internal Creative Studio

Yahoo-owned social networking site Tumblr unveiled the Creatrs Network (see what they’ve done there?), an internal team that works with around 300 Tumblr bloggers to produce content for paid advertisers. Brands buying sponsored posts, for example, can use the platform’s new pool of ‘creators’, who churn out images, gifs, text and video on the site.


What’s the Future of Facebook Native Video Ads?

Facebook’s video ads are set to become a revenue driver for Facebook (and the native advertising industry in general). The latest multimedia format complements the social network’s in-feed advertising and mobile strategy.


Pinterest Buys Small Start-up Kosei for Smarter Recommendations

The social network has acquired a personalised recommendation system to match mobile ads with the right consumers. The move will help Pinterest better target its users.

3Twitter Adds ‘While You Were Away’ Feature 

This functionality showcases the tweets that a user may have missed if they’ve been away from the platform for a certain period of time. Twitter hopes that the feature will address its retention issues and improve overall user experience.


6Facebook is Cracking Down on Hoaxes 

The social network is again going after News Feed spam, but this time is focusing on reducing the hoaxes that can appear in a user’s feeds. Facebook defines hoaxes as scams or ‘deliberately false or misleading stories’.

Tips, Tools & Tactics

115 Ways the White House Is Killing It with Content Marketing

Obama’s State of the Union address, which generated 2.6 million tweets and was discussed by 6 million Facebook users, is evidence of the White House’s content marketing capabilities. So what can we learn from Mr. President (and his team)’s masterful tactics?

12Why and How to Promote Your Brand on Instagram

Shiny social media toys come and go, but Instagram is now a mainstay for the digitally savvy. When resources are limited but you want to get in on the image-sharing action, you’d be wise to summon the power of data to optimise and streamline your efforts. Find out how:


Ultimate Recap: Top New Social Media Tools of 2014

There were a ton of new tools and a lot of great additions for existing tools released over the last 12 months. In the ultimate ‘here’s what you might have missed’ round-up, discover which app is going to save you time and/or (hopefully) make you money.

1How to Run a Pinterest Contest Without Breaking the Rules

Pinterest has revised its contest rules. It now requires contests be easy to enter, spam-free and in alignment with Pinterest branding guidelines. In this article, Social Media Examiner explains what you need to know to run successful and compliant Pinterest contests.


14The Ultimate SEO Checklist: 25 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Your Next Post

How do you ensure that your blog is optimised for search engines? Make sure you ask yourself these key questions before you publish your next post.


55 Things You Need to Know Before Creating Sponsored Video Content

We know that sponsored content can be a great way to borrow an audience and attract more traffic. But how do you make the most of sponsorship? Here are five top tips:


1The Burberry story: a digital transformation

Despite the popularity of fast fashion stores, one fashion label has managed to dominate social media and bring back their brand from the brink.