The week in content marketing – 25 Feb

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The week in content marketing with King Content strategist Lieu Pham

This week, LinkedIn is caught with its hand in the talent cookie jar, Google is scrutinised for its search policies and Twitter’s value to brands is championed. Meanwhile, Ann Handley contemplates the good versus ‘good enough’ debate in content. Plus, we turn to the dating world for advice on wooing customers, learning how to charm, convert and retain. Also in this issue, content marketing tools, how to write a killer headline and YouTube marketing tips.

Content Marketing & Media 

BlogsBlogs are in decline. Is Google to blame?

This opinion piece claims Google’s pursuit of commercial interests is causing blogs to significantly decline. It references author and marketer Seth Godin, who blogs about whether Google is making the web stupid.


3The impact of a digital economy on leadership

Forbes contributor Karen Higginbottom, citing a Deloitte report, writes that organisations with loose hierarchies will thrive in the digital economy, particularly those that are focused on outcomes, not processes. The key is embracing an environment that is culturally open, dynamic and flexible.

450 shades of mediocrity

We live in an attention economy, and the proliferation of content means our own content needs to be ridiculously good to stand out from the crowd. In this post, Ann Handley explains why as content producers we should be eschewing mediocre content – going for ‘good’, not ‘good enough’. 


7[Infographic] What content marketers can learn from dating 

You wouldn’t go straight from wooing to ‘I do-ing’, as this novel infographic shows. Here are some salient lessons content marketers can learn from the age-old and much-mulled-over practice of dating.


11What ad buyers still don’t get about sponsored content

Contently writer Aaron Taube sets it out: content won’t lead directly to a sale, but it will help you nurture those leads. He calls for more relevant ways to measure the ROI of content marketing.


Social & Tech

14LinkedIn raids FortuneThe Wall Street Journal for editors

Busted! LinkedIn is caught red-handed as it poaches talent from the newsrooms of The Wall Street Journal and Fortune. And this isn’t the first time.



2Nike targets sneaker fanatics with app that mixes commerce with content

Nike introduces us to their high-tech version of the ‘magalog’ (magazine meets catalogue). While the concept isn’t new, the mobile aspects of this initiative from Nike, along with its magazine-style content, make the magalog a much more enticing proposition.


8Facebook’s product ad unit

Facebook is taking contextual relevancy to another level and has unveiled a new feature that allows you to promote specific or multiple products. The multi-product ad can also be used to highlight the different benefits of a single product and target products to specific audiences.


17LinkedIn enhances Company Pages with new notification centre

LinkedIn’s new notification centre will enable businesses to effectively track and manage all the activity taking place on their Company Page. Of particular interest is the aggregated overview of how many likes, comments and shares a company has received on updates, as well as mentions of the company on the professional network.


6Shopping app Keep is vying for disgruntled Pinterest users

Dubbed the ‘shoppable Pinterest’, Keep is disrupting the monopoly Pinterest has on the image-pinning social network. Keep not only allows users to add products on boards, it also enables them to shop via a universal shopping app – all in the one convenient place.


1Despite scepticism, Twitter delivers for brands

Overrated? Underrated? Twitter’s value is constantly debated in the media. While the debate continues, John McDermott of Digiday argues that whatever the verdict, Twitter does hold value for brands.



Tips, Tools & Tactics

9Better YouTube marketing in five steps

While it’s known as the spiritual and actual home of viral cat videos, YouTube is fast becoming a hotbed for marketing activities. What follows are five tips on the critical elements to consider when producing online video content for the platform.


15[Infographic] The elements of a good headline

Eight out of 10 people will read headline copy, but only two out of 10 will read the rest. This infographic unpacks the elements that go into creating clickable and compelling content.



10Eight content marketing tools

From content management through to distribution, Buffer gives us a round-up of content marketing tools for beginners and professionals alike.



522 awesome websites with stunning free stock images

When calculating content production costs, there are few sweeter words you can hear from the mouths of contributors and suppliers than “free”. That’s why we love Shopify’s round-up of stock-photo websites that allow you to download pretty pics without charge.


12This tool could make your tweets more popular

Deep down, all we really want is for people to like us, and the same goes for our tweets. We can’t help you become the most popular kid in school, but we can point out this handy little tool that pre-empts the results of your A/B testing by telling you which version of a message will be more popular. 



13How to run an Instagram contest

Many companies use Instagram without having a clear strategy for engaging their followers. This post from Social Media Examiner outlines how you can increase your following and encourage loyalty by using an old, reliable method: running a competition.


BLOG (2)Porter proves that clever content marketing is still in vogue

Five lessons brands can learn from the success of Net-a-porter’s shoppable high-fashion magazine.

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