The week in content marketing – 24 Sept

September 24, 2014Uncategorized

Explore the week in content marketing with King Content strategist Lieu Pham.

This week: Salesforce shows how great content hooks people for life; digital marketing contains solutions for a troubled music industry; a look at the top 50 CMOs by social influence, and understanding the basics of Reddit marketing.

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Predictive marketing: A new dimension?

As marketing automation becomes more prevalent and we have more insight into our customers and buyer behaviour, will we eventually be able to predict a purchase before we have even made contact with them?



Ten marketing terms and technologies you should know about

There is plenty of buzz around the convergence of IT and marketing. Find out which marketing technologies your IT department are being told to learn about.



What the music industry could learn from digital marketing

Finally, there’s an industry that can learn from digital marketing rather than the other way around. Read how the ‘modern marketing handbook’ can apply to a noisy industry.



Digital tops marketing priorities for retailers this holiday season

It’s that time of the year again. Here is your first look at what is sure to be an onslaught of statistics on how retailers will approach the 2014 silly season.



Four steps for using data to kick-start your content marketing

Salesforce helps us distil data-driven content marketing into four pillars of focus: content ideation, content distribution, content experience, and content performance.


Social Media


Reddit 101: Learning the ropes for Reddit marketing

Known as the ‘front page of the internet’, Reddit is one of the fastest growing platforms for social sharing, but many marketers are yet to capitalise on the millions of unique monthly visitors. Find out how you can use Reddit to amplify your content.



Fifty influential CMOs on social media

Infegy gives its statistics on the latest chief marketing influencers based on indexed social interactions, shares, re-shares, mentions, sentiment of interactions, strength of followers, and back links.



How the Social Good Summit is unfolding on social media

Thousands of people joined the #2030NOW conversation started as a result of the Social Good Summit in New York this week. Mashable has curated some of the best of what was heard on social media.



Seven free ways for boosting your social media engagement

If you’re working on a small social media budget, this list is for you. John Rampton, the mind behind Adogy gives us a comprehensive list of tactics and platforms to listen to, build, engage and measure your social audience.



Google+ is no longer a requirement for creating a Google account

Two and a half years after making Google+ sign-up mandatory for all Google accounts, users are now being given the chance to say “no”. Marketing Land gives us some insight into what this could signal.

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