The week in content marketing- 21 Jan

January 21, 2015Uncategorized

The week in content marketing with King Content strategist Lieu Pham.

There must be something in the water this week – or perhaps it’s just the excitement of awards season pulsating through the internet – as Amazon has announced a TV collaboration with Woody Allen and another e-commerce giant has set its sights on becoming a movie studio. We also take a look at how Doritos turned UGC into the biggest Super Bowl campaign of the year and question whether there’s life on Facebook after organic reach.

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Content Marketing & Media

2Woody Allen’s TV debut with Amazon

Amazon has signed filmmaker Woody Allen to write and direct his first television series. The deal raises the stakes in the heated competition between digital companies and traditional networks to produce award-winning TV shows. Amazon, Netflix and Hulu are all pouring resources into creating original streaming series. Watch this space to see who makes the next move.

3The future of content marketing

The term ‘content marketing’ is becoming a part of the vernacular in marketing departments across the world. It’s no longer thought of as a trend, but as a verifiable opportunity to drive revenue. But what is the future of content marketing in 2015 and beyond?


1A content marketer’s guide to selling

To welcome 2015, Cameron Upshall considers the eight things he’s learnt about commercial content marketing sales in the past year. Call it the content marketer’s guide to selling, if you will.


4How Alibaba plans to make (and market) movies

The e-commerce giant has its sights on becoming a movie studio. The company is currently planning to release its first film, recruiting major talents such as Hong Kong director Wong Kar-wai (In the Mood for Love) and actor Tony Leung. The Chinese company will leverage its marketing power to promote its entertainment offerings.

5The evolution of content marketing will include intelligent content

Ann Rockley defines intelligent content as “structurally rich and semantically categorised, and therefore automatically discoverable, reusable, reconfigurable, and adaptable”. CMI suggests that brands should treat their content as true assets, which means planning, developing and working it so that it is easy to repurpose, scale and reuse.

Social & Tech

6Social influencers and the law

As more brands turn to social influencers to promote their products, Stephen von Muenster discusses where the law sits on the issue of what has been referred to as the “Oprah Winfrey effect”.

7How Doritos turned user-generated content into the biggest Super Bowl campaign of the year

This is a great study on how a brand can integrate UGC into their content marketing strategy. Doritos has been crowned the Super Bowl champion eight years in a row, and all because they once made the shrewd move to crowdsource. Every year they ask their fans, or at least the general video-making population, to send in their own 30-second Doritos spot, with the simple guideline to “just make it awesome”. Take a look at the results.

8Online video marketers need to stick to a YouTube-first strategy

Greg Jarboe explains why, even though Facebook is shaking up the multimedia-viewing ecosystem with video ads, it hasn’t replaced YouTube as the “Hub of the Universe” just yet.


9How social and mobile work with SEO

When you think about search engine optimisation, you may consider researching targeted keywords and phrases and using them on your website in meta descriptions, blogs posts, product descriptions and more. But how can you incorporate SEO into your social media marketing and mobile marketing strategies? Here’s a quick overview.

BLOG (2)Facebook: Life after organic reach

A brand’s success on Facebook used to be, in part, measured by its page – the number of likes, the number of engaged fans and so on. However, enlightened brands are now focusing on paid media strategies that reach consumers in their newsfeeds even if they’re not fans. Facebook – now a far more established advertising platform than it was a year ago – is ‘encouraging’ this behaviour with continuing cuts to organic reach. Find out more:

Tips & Tactics

11Seven tips for increasing your clickthrough rates on Facebook

If you want more traffic from Facebook, you have to focus on getting more shares and likes, right? Although that’s true, it’s not the only way to generate more traffic. On average, 6.5 people out of 100 click on your Facebook posting. But with a few tweaks, you can get more people clicking on your posts and heading over to your website. Sounds good to us.

12How to use visuals to engage your audience

People engage better with visual content because it’s easier to understand, can tell a story and is able to evoke emotions more easily than written posts. In this article, Social Media Examiner shows you 11 ways to increase social sharing and fan engagement with images.

13How to build an outreach strategy to earn more social shares

What are your digital marketing goals for the months ahead? If you’re looking to increase your content’s social shares (as so many of us are), Buffer has some amazing new research to share on how to create an ideal outreach strategy for your industry.

14Five video content marketing rules

Specifying your objective is just the beginning. Remember to consider distribution and an online home for your video masterpiece, among other key concerns.



How to improve your local marketing efforts

Search Engine Land contributor Adam Dorfman offers helpful advice to large brands seeking to improve their local marketing efforts.


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