The week in content marketing – 1 Oct

October 1, 2014Uncategorized

Explore the week in content marketing with King Content strategist Lieu Pham.

This week: An app that turns advertising into art; Marriott launches its content marketing studio; Facebook opens the vaults of consumer data; and suggested channels to follow Hong Kong’s Umbrella Revolution.

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Is corporate blogging waning? [Podcast]

According to a new report, the use of corporate blogs among the Fortune 500 has declined. Meanwhile, Marketing Land reports that corporate use of social channels is on the rise, with Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest showing significant gains. Robert Rose and Joe Pulizzi question the accuracy of this research.

8Marriott launches a global creative and content marketing studio

Following the trend of marketers becoming publishers, Marriott International is launching a global creative and content marketing studio to handle internal work for its portfolio of 18 travel-related brands.

9If marketing about avoiding death can be funny, why is your content so sombre?

Dumb Ways To Die campaign, launched in November 2012 in Australia, aimed at promoting train safety – an onerous topic that’s boring to deliver yet important for public safety. Railroad departments the world over run such campaigns to get commuters to listen to them, and to reduce the number of accidents and fatalities. If your content marketing efforts have been feeling increasingly stale lately, maybe it’s time for you to shake things up a bit.

1Turning ads into art

No Ad functions as the real-life version of the popular online ad-blocking software. Open the app, hold your phone’s camera up to any advertisement in the subway system in New York City, look at the screen and the ad is replaced by a piece of art.

Social Media

5How Intel added more than 175,000 to its social audience in just one month

A data agency tracked Intel’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest from August 15 to September 15 to identify the tactics Intel employs to drive this massive fan growth. Here’s how it went down.

4Facebook opens the gates to its vault of consumer data

The social media giant has launched a digital advertising platform called Vault, allowing marketers to tap into Facebook’s detailed knowledge of its users.


7The best live-blogs, live streams and Twitter feeds for following Hong Kong’s Umbrella Revolution

Chances are your social media feeds are flooded with the astonishing images of protests in Hong Kong and the crackdown by local authorities. To help you follow the action as it unfolds, here’s a list of some of the best sources:

Tips and Tactics

6How to convert five types of customers into brand ambassadors

Check out this mini-guide for building relationships and rapport with five types of potential brand ambassadors.


10Fresh tips from the best social media minds

Twice a year the smartest minds in social media come together at Social Fresh Conference. They share their best strategies and tactics for building a better business using social marketing. Here are some of the best tips these social media leaders brought to the stage.


3Six ways to pull off anonymous personalisation people love

Context matters when it comes to how visitors, leads, and customers interact with your website. Visitors want to see information that’s relevant to them, not a generic audience. Here are a few ways you can get started using anonymous personalisation on your site that will come off as helpful, not creepy.

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