The week in content marketing – 18 Feb

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The week in content marketing with King Content strategist Lieu Pham

Just when we thought it wasn’t possible to get any more creative with digital formats and mediums, a wonderful array of executions have come to our attention. These visual assets explore new ways of storytelling, from mockumentaries done ridiculously well (see Contently’s case study of Vooza), through to supercuts, cinemagraphs and virtual reality.

Meanwhile, over in Silicon Valley, Google eases our hypochondria, Twitter ramps up its influencer network, and Facebook rates our ads. 

Content Marketing & Media

6_1Google makes it official: Answers, not just links

The folks over at Google are making some big changes. Once upon a time you would type in a keyword or phrase and the search engine would provide you with a selection of blue links to peruse. Now, the tech giant wants to make your job that much easier by providing the relevant information – in other words, giving you the answers without the need to leave the search results page. Of course, this has raised all sorts of concerns among companies who rely on web traffic for their profit margin, as well as among those that advertise using Google Ads.

1_2Facebook starts telling brands how relevant their ads are

The social network has released a new tool to enable brands to assess the relevancy of their ads on Facebook. Based on a scale of one to 10, with 10 being the most relevant, brands will be encouraged to compete for the social network’s increasingly in-demand ad spaces.

4Publishers, agencies must shift their focus from big data to big content

AdWeek’s Randall Rothenberg claims that while technology will continue to play a vital role in digital marketing, it shouldn’t be the driving force. He explains why agencies should shift their focus to superior content, not big data.

8_1The marriage of video games and TV

This blog contemplates the convergence of game consoles and television. Integrated media is now commonplace, so it’s logical to see the lines between TV and video games blur too. What will be the impact of this development and how will it shape our digital experiences?


7Grab your headset: Producers plunge into virtual reality

Virtual reality is a bit stigmatised – it’s often relegated to the realms of super nerd-dom (apologies to all the Second Life fans out there). But the day has now come when mainstream entertainment and agencies have come to realise that there may be some value in VR as a new form of storytelling. Will the medium take off?

1_1Google introduces rich medical content into knowledge graph

We’ve all been there before. We’re tried to do a bit of a self-diagnosis and sought Google’s help to identify our condition. But the results seldom reassure us. We’re not alone. Health-related searches on Google account for one in 20. But it’s often hard to filter the trustworthy from the dodgy. To improve the quality of this type of search, Google will develop in-depth information for more than 400 health and medical conditions in conjunction with key medical experts.

15Meet the start-up creating the funniest sponsored content you’ve ever seen 

Dubbed “Spinal Tap for the start-up community”, Vooza is a fake start-up spoofing the start-up world. Check out episodes such as “Bullshit Metrics”, “Jelfie” and “Code Poets”.

AMC is challenging fans to reshoot every scene of the Mad Men pilot episode

The supercut, a video genre, has become an increasingly popular medium. Recognising its power as an engagement tool, the marketing team at AMC has invited Mad Men fans to re-cut the pilot episode of the last series from 154 separate scenes, crowdsourcing the creativity of the show’s fans. Look out for the result – Mad Men: The Fan Cut.

2_1Infographic: the skills every content marketer needs

It turns out that to be a great content marketer you need to know more than just how to use words, punctuation and grammar to form proper sentences. Who knew? Ragan has published an infographic that spells out the key skills that every content marketer should have up their multitasking, superhero sleeve. Seriously, it’s like 14 jobs in one.

3_1Outbrain: GroupM’s Plista will erode public trust in content marketing boom

The battle between players Outbrain and Plista in Australia heats up, signalling that the native market is about to explode. Between 20 and 50 per cent of traditional marketing budgets are forecasted to move to owned media assets over the next few years.

Social & Tech

4_1Infographic: Little-known facts about Google

Did you know Google’s original name was Backrub? Yep. And here are 26 other facts you can use as ice-breakers in your next client meeting.

7_1What the New Twitter-Google partnership means for social media and content marketers
It’s not just tweets that get more exposure – it’s websites, too. The deal highlights the opportunities for brands to use social in tandem with search tactics to get more engagement.

16Who were the most mentioned brands on Twitter in Q4 2014?
It’s not a popularity contest, but… Simply Measured has published a Slideshare counting down the top 10 most mentioned brands on Twitter from the Interbrand 100 brands. Not only can you discover who the big players are (no massive surprises), but you can discover the reasons they are talked about on Twitter, from campaigns to product launches.

5_1Twitter buys Niche, a service that connects top social media users with brands

You know you’re onto a good thing when you create a content-discovery platform for another company’s product and then said company splashes out $50 million on acquiring you. That’s what happened this week to the founders of Niche, a tool that helps the creative community navigate Vine videos. Twitter, which also owns Vine, has coughed up the cash to bring Niche into its stable. Find out more about this social acquisition:

10Facebook landing more original web series 

The Young Turks, a progressive-leaning news organisation that has built a sizeable following on YouTube following a brief run on Current TV, will on Monday launch Final Judgment, an original five-days-a-week series created for Facebook. Young Turks is representative of the current trend of content agencies turning their hand to producing original web series for the sole purpose of Facebook distribution.

9How to follow New York Fashion Week online
There are not many other times of the year when you can experience a true social-media explosion that involves the coordinated (and sometimes not quite so coordinated) efforts of designers, editors, bloggers, customers and influencers. No matter what label you’re sporting, you can find some great inspiration that could be replicated in your own strategy.

2_2[Infographic]: Why your boss is still sceptical of social media

An infographic by OutMarket lists some pros and cons of social-media marketing, and gives some credibility to leaders’ hesitations.

Tips & Tools

2Using copyrighted music in videos: When is it legal?

In this post, Reel SEO discusses the legal implication of using music in your videos and highlights some of the great myths of music-copyright policies.


How to create a deep connection with your prospects and customers

We know that if you want to sell something, you first need to understand your customers. Using Eugene Schwartz’s three components of that understanding – Desires, Identifications, Beliefs – Copyblogger shows us how to have more meaningful relationships with our customers.


13Six lessons for building a highly engaged LinkedIn group

LinkedIn groups are still undiscovered territory for many B2B brands, but you can guarantee that, just like in other communities, the simplest way to turn off your customers is by spamming them with links and banging on about your products. Jason Keath of Social Fresh has six pretty nifty tips for setting up and nurturing a LinkedIn community. Conversation is key.

12The smart way to use surveys to engage and grow your audience

They have their limitations, sure, but surveys are still a great way of collecting information on your customers. Copyblogger outlines the important best practices to keep in mind when you’re hosting a survey, as well as how to pick the right platform for your objectives.

5No-one is going to read your corporate blog (unless you read this)

Just the words ‘corporate blog’ are enough to make you want to leave the internet forever, pack a knapsack and book sleeping-bag space in your nearest comfortable (and bat free) cave. Don’t abandon hope altogether: Quick Sprout has assembled 35 questions that you need to ask yourself before you consider engaging your customers with a branded blog.

8Six ways to keep bad copywriting from killing your product

Back in 2000, the average person’s attention span was 12 seconds. In 2013, it was eight seconds. Nowadays internet users typically read only 28 per cent of words on an average web page. The takeaway? Every word needs to count. If you’re struggling to engage your audience, discover six ways to maintain user attention and improve your site’s UX.

3An exploration of carousel usage on mobile e-commerce websites

Carousels can be a great way of showcasing content on your website and grouping key ideas and themes together, but do they offer a good user experience for a mobile-optimised product? Smashing Magazine evaluates the latest research on carousels, including where and when they are a help and a hindrance to a user – and more importantly, why.

1How to increase content creation without hiring

One of the biggest hurdles for content marketing is resourcing. But growing your content marketing team can be expensive, so the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) has some more cost-effective solutions to meeting your content needs.


14Simple edits to put the authority back in your writing

This Moz blog charts the most common writing missteps – from passive writing through to the use of dependent clauses. Get ready to sound a lot more authoritative.



Five content curation secrets from Scott Monty

If you think curation is just pasting a bunch of links, think again. It requires a lot of reading. A lot. And then it requires you to keep up-to-date, consult the right sources and filter all this for your ‘best of the best’ round-up. So, if you’ve got content curation in your sights, you may want to check out Scott Monty’s content-curation strategy. Find out the secrets of curating high-quality, unique content and all the tools and resources that make this task a lot easier.

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