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April 17, 2015Uncategorized

The week in content marketing with King Content strategist Lieu Pham

This week we learn about IKEA’s wedding plans, investigate the evolution of storytelling, and control a real human with Old Spice’s gaming campaign. In other news, Instagram is upping its e-commerce credentials, and the new Rendeevoo app cuts the small talk out of online dating and goes straight to cocktails. There’s also content creation tips from Ann Handley and presentation techniques inspired by Steve Jobs.


Content, marketing and media

2The evolution of storytelling

Technological advancements in wearable technologies and virtual reality have provided us with completely new storytelling mediums, such as tangible, augmented, wearable, virtual reality and 360-degree immersion.


8AOL reveals its new advertising platform

On Tuesday AOL announced ONE, a platform solution that provides marketers with tools to effectively measure the ROI of their ad expenditure, from digital to TV. ONE will assist users in assessing the most effective platform to target consumers at the right time.

6IKEA launches its newest offering, Wedding Online

Mirrors, meatballs and nuptials? From replacing seats in cinemas with bedroom furniture to organising a giant game of hide-and-seek at one of its stores, IKEA certainly knows how to generate the right type of buzz. The furniture company now wants you to tie the knot via the web using its new Wedding Online service.

4Take a late show lesson with David Letterman

The success of The Late Show is down to two things: the program’s killer opening act and the star-studded subject line(up). Channel your inner Letterman by looking at email campaigns as a late-night TV show, right from email open to purchase.

Social & Tech

2_1Instagram is making it easier for brands to turn viewers into buyers

Instagram is now working to expand its e-commerce capabilities, eventually linking users directly to a brand’s check-out experience. The social media platform has already rolled out marketing campaigns with L’Oréal Paris and Samsung, incorporating the recently launched ‘carousel ads’ in an attempt to attract more buyers.

9Rendeevoo, the dating app that cuts out the small talk

While Tinder requires you to engage in awkward small talk before actually meeting in person, new UK start-up Rendeevoo has no chat function, cutting the interaction time between finding a prospective date and the face-to-face meet-up.


1If social media sites were Game of Thrones houses

When you play the social media game, you either win or you die – much like the Westeros family. They’re both ruled by influential business leaders and there will always be a constant shift in power. Here are ten social media sites as represented by Game of Thrones houses.

3LinkedIn raises the social media game with Elevate app

LinkedIn uncovers the new Elevate app, a mobile and desktop app promoting ‘human curation’ that enables users to schedule and share quality content from the companies they work for. Is this LinkedIn’s latest ploy to compete for the CRM prize?

1_1Old Spice invites you to control a live human

Using the live-streaming video service Twitch, the Old Spice Nature Adventure campaign enables users to send commands for ‘nature man’ to respond to. Things could get weird.


Tips & Tactics

127 ways to use video to boost your social media marketing

Video is a golden opportunity to optimise webpages and support social media campaigns. It’s also one of the most measurable forms of content media you can add to your content mix. Here are some tools and tricks to incorporating video into your social media strategy.

5Ann Handley’s step-by-step infographic to creating your next piece of content

Content marketing pioneer Ann Handley offers a clear road map and useful tips to creating killer content, from producing the ugly first draft to publishing your work.


7Social media tools to help optimise your time

With the constant influx of information overloading our media platforms, we may sometimes feel as if we’ve wasted all day on Facebook or Twitter with little to show for it. Kristi Hines gives us tools to make better use of time spent on digital channels.


107 tips to create a killer podcast

Podcasts are a content marketing tactic that continues to gain traction. Using podcasts as a communication tool can be incredibly successful for companies attempting to reach a qualified audience at a relatively low cost. Here are seven tips to optimising such an effective distribution channel.


11The 5 presentation secrets to help you sell your ideas, the Steve Jobs way

There is no doubt that Steve Jobs was one of the greatest brand storytellers and presenters of our time. By thinking about presenting methods differently and eradicating stale, overused engagement tools, you can turn your presentation of new ideas into a memorable, electrifying experience. Here are five ways to put Steve Jobs’ techniques to use in your next presentation.


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