The week in content marketing – 22nd Oct

October 22, 2014Uncategorized

Explore the week in content marketing with King Content strategist Lieu Pham.

This week, get a dose of online-therapy services and doctor video chats, contemplate the future of the Upworthy of branded content, check out Pinterest’s master plan and learn about Apple and Facebook’s frozen-egg scheme.

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8Inside Pinterest: The coming ad colossus that could dwarf Twitter and Facebook

“If Facebook is selling the past and Twitter the present, Pinterest is offering the future.” To marketers, Pinterest represents a unique proposition, a new medium of a sort that’s never existed before.

2The Upworthy of branded content, or a doomed experiment?

Collectively, a media platform that launched last week, aims to transform apathy into action by channelling the feel-good shareability of Upworthy with the financial backing of 29 brand partners.

7Apple and Facebook will pay for female employees to freeze their eggs

While having gourmet chefs and craft beer on tap sounds nice, two of the biggest firms in Silicon Valley – Apple and Facebook – are offering a perk that could have a real impact. Both companies will soon offer up to $20,000 to cover egg-freezing costs, which in theory lets women focus on their careers during their childbearing years and hold off on parenthood until they are ready.

1All-you-can-text therapy services

A new breed of online-therapy services offers flat-rate plans that allow you to text-chat with a licensed, accredited therapist as much as you like. You can access these services from a web browser on your computer or smartphone, just as you would an instant-message session on Google or Facebook. The services encrypt your exchanges to ensure that your innermost thoughts remain private. Conveniently, your conversations are archived, with your entire session history available on a single page.

12Google unveils new Nexus line-up

The search giant first showed off its mobile operating system in June at its Google I/O conference for developers. Back then, it was just called “Android L”. Lollipop is packed with more than 5000 new APIs and is designed to unify Android across phones, tablets and TV. The operating system, which follows what Google calls its “Material Design” standard, will ease transitions between tasks and devices.

11HBO will finally deliver standalone web service next year

HBO has pulled the trigger on offering its pay TV to consumers who do not subscribe to either cable or satellite services.


13Twitter users in France can transfer money through tweets

BPCE, one of the largest banks in France, is enabling money transfers via tweets through its electronic money subsidiary, S-Money. The initiative was first announced last month and is reportedly scheduled to be unveiled at a media event in Paris on Tuesday.

TWICM BlogThe profile of Pinterest users

A GlobalWebIndex study published this month profiles Pinterest users. Among other insights, the report revealed that while Pinterest remains a niche platform overall (about a fifth of internet users outside of China have an account), it continues to enjoy its best engagement rates in the US. In fact, a third of its total user base comes from America.

9The Snapchat privacy illusion

Even if Snapchat isn’t directly responsible for the latest photo hack, the hack itself shows there is an inherent security flaw within Snapchat’s product: the promise of disappearing images really is just an illusion.


5Searching for symptoms? Video chat with a doctor

To boost Google Helpouts, the company is embedding its video-chat-based marketplace into search results.


Tips and Tactics

10Skype launches standalone app for disappearing video messages

Skype is capitalising on the increasing popularity of photo and video-centric messaging apps with a new standalone app for disappearing video messages. Introducing Skype Qik.


3How to write about things you know nothing about

As content creators, we sometimes have to cover topics that fall far outside our areas of expertise – or even interest, for that matter. Here’s how you can do that next time you’re asked to cover subject matter you know nothing about. (It probably isn’t too far off in the future.)

4How to improve your Facebook feed visibility

Facebook algorithms dictate how many people see your updates. Here’s how you can get more organic reach.


6Stand out in a world of dull podcasts

Three people. Three podcasts. Three success stories. All from normal people like you.



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