The week in content marketing

September 17, 2014Uncategorized

Explore the week in content marketing with King Content strategist Lieu Pham.

This week we explore the top sessions from Content Marketing World, see how Ann Handley works, get a peek at Robert Rose’s inbox, and question whether this is the end of free social media marketing …

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Kraft Foods gets four times better ROI from content than ads

Julie Fleischer – Kraft’s director of data, content and media – held a standout session on ROI at Content Marketing World. Read her keys to success in content marketing.



French startup lands US$1.5M for its marketing-as-a-service

Doz aspires to be “the Uber of marketing campaigns”. The startup, which allows website owners to crowdsource marketers who are paid per task, considers its closest competitor is curation giant NewsCred. 



Top insights from Content Marketing World

King Content CEO Craig Hodges and the company’s Head of Strategy Todd Wheatland have put together a recap of key sessions from the first day of Content Marketing World in Cleveland.



Inside the inbox of Robert Rose, chief strategy officer, Content Marketing Institute

Ever wondered how many unread emails your peers have sitting dormant; how many re-thought angry messages they have sitting in Drafts? In this entertaining series, Brandalism managing director Tracy Fitzgerald delves into the private ‘e-lives’ of our marketing counterparts.



‘How I Work’: Ann Handley, founder and chief content officer of MarketingProfs

Running through, “what have become the standard ‘How I Work’ questions”, Ann Handley talks devices, apps, her workspace, what she’s reading and so much more.

Social Media


Pay to play: The end of free social media marketing?

The Guardian gives some context to the debate about organic reach on social media, using Facebook as a case study.



Tumblr’s top draw – as a marketing platform – is its wealthier user-base

Who would have thought? The hipster network cashes in with a median household income of $80,075 (keeping in mind that LinkedIn reports its members in the United States have an average household income of $83,000). More than half of Tumblr users having purchased something found on their dashboards.



How to tap into your best resource for expanding your company’s social media reach

Digital word of mouth has never been more important. Imagine if you had your own, “internal social marketing army”.



Share and get a free meal: How businesses got social media smart

CNN has put together the latest and greatest examples of organisations using social media to engage users offline. Examples include a yawn-activated drink dispenser and vending machines dispensing free Walkers’ snacks.


Top tweetsTop Tweets from Content Marketing World

If you’re after a quick insight into what was seen and heard at Content Marketing World, take a look at the top tweets from the event.

Day one:

Day two:

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