The week in content marketing – 11 Feb

February 11, 2015Uncategorized

The week in content marketing with King Content strategist Lieu Pham

What’s the content marketer’s latest mantra? Hook, line and amplify. This week, we take headline inspiration from the likes of BuzzFeed and Youtility’s Jay Baer, and check out how YouTube native ads and LinkedIn are helping marketers to magnify their content.

Elsewhere, Instagram goes loopy, Twitter enters the search zone, and Facebook turns 11 as we celebrate our 50thedition. Happy birthday, Mr. Zuckerberg & Co.

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Content Marketing & Media

1Steal BuzzFeed’s headline and image optimisation secrets

A good headline can be the difference between attracting an audience of 1000 and drawing 1,000,000 viewers to your content. And there’s no doubt the right image goes a long way in persuading your customer to click, too. Who better to turn to for advice on optimising your efforts than the champions of shareable content, BuzzFeed?


2Content marketing company Taboola raises USD$117 million

Founded in 2007, in Tel Aviv, content recommendation platform Taboola currently works with a long list of publishers, including those at USA Today, Fox News and Business Insider. The company has enjoyed enormous success, generating more than $200 million in 2014 alone. Find out more about the business model from Taboola’s founder, Adam Singolda.


3How does content marketing actually get you more sales?

Do you believe that content marketing doesn’t drive sales? Think again. There’s a reason why 99 per cent of marketing dollars go towards content and email marketing.



4In a new marketing world, is the product the message?

The messages we receive are no longer coming from the top down. Brands need to consider the broader scope of the communications they promise at every touch point that a product has with a consumer, from awareness through to transaction and beyond.

55 marketing technology challenges every business must solve

Technology is disrupting the status quo and while consumers are more connected and distracted than ever before, marketers often appear unprepared for the magnitude of these changes. Marketing Land contributor Paul Roetzer reveals how the savviest storytellers are reimagining what’s possible for their careers, companies and industries.

6Fitbit enlists Joel McHale to help feed hungry Americans

If you ever needed an excuse to get off your butt, Fitbit’s new concept should provide adequate motivation. The brand has partnered with the charity Feeding America to persuade those using the Fitbit app to work out and help people in need. The more calories users burn, the more calories Fitbit will donate to feeding the hungry. Discover how Fitbit hopes to reach the target of 1.5million meals with the help of fitness fans.

7Google answers now showing blue icons linking to third party content

This is not the first time that Google has experimented with linking to third party content, but it is now using the blue links to link to its own content and that of other publishers.


8Disney considering Marvel, Star Wars subscription-video services

Could the prayers of comic book geeks and Star Wars fanatics finally be answered? Disney is apparently considering a subscription-video service that would put its Marvel and Star Wars franchises directly into the hands of the consumers. This little cat was let out of the bag after a conference call between Disney’s CEO Bob Iger and a Wall Street analyst.

9FCC chairman proposes utility-like regulation for broadband internet

Not all pages on websites are treated equally, so the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is calling for ‘net neutrality’. The short of the long of it is the FCC thinks it can control the internet by reclassifying it as a utility (such has water, gas, electricity).

Social & Tech

10If Google pays Twitter for content, should it pay all publishers?

It’s time for the high profile among us to think before they tweet. Bloomberg reports that Twitter has reached a deal with Google to allow its 140-character user updates to be visible within the search engine. That’s a whopping 284 million tweets and counting that will soon be on Google’s radar. If this deal goes through, it will have major ramifications for content and publishers.

11Social media now drives 31 per cent of all referral traffic

If you’ve got a solid social strategy, it looks like you’re in good company. According to a report released this week, social media is now the number one driver of all website referral traffic, and has overtaken referrals from search engines. As of December, 2014, 31.24 per cent of all referral traffic was from social, but are these numbers sustainable?


12Top 10 best uses of ‘YouTubers’ in advertising

As 2015 looks set to be the year of native advertising, it’s likely that we’ll see influencer marketing activity begin to grow in a big way. Discover how to connect with YouTube influencers in an efficient and imaginative way with some help from industry insiders.

13Tale of the tape: YouTube versus Vimeo

Video marketers are usually met with one big decision: YouTube or Vimeo. The platform that fits your brand will always come down to the types of videos you want to produce, your target audience, where they watch their videos and, of course, your budget.

14YouTube tests multi-angle feature for video

YouTube is set to put video viewing choices directly into the hands of its users and provide brands with a new and creative way to interact with audiences. The online video service is launching a new feature that allows videographers to upload multiple camera angles for a YouTube video, which viewers can then switch between as they watch.


15LinkedIn lives up to its B2B reputation

No surprises here really, but it’s great when something becomes official: B2B marketers have ranked LinkedIn as the most effective social network for content distribution.



16Twitter targets small businesses with Quick Promote ad feature

If you’ve considered Twitter ads, but don’t want to deal with set up formalities, the social media platform’s new service is just the ticket for you. Using Quick Promote you can get a promoted tweet up and running in a flash and have it target users that Twitter believes might be receptive at that moment. Learn more about this functionality:


17Instagram videos will now loop

No need to bother hitting the replay button, as Instagram is following in the footsteps of its main competitor Vine, and placing all video content on a loop.



22Facebook turns 11 years old, but are our relationships better off?

In just 11 years Facebook has persuaded 1.4 billion users to log on and catch up with friends through the platform, but are we really more connected? Forbes investigates.

Tips, Tools & Tactics

24Infographic: How to make your visual content more engaging

Visual content is one of those marketing buzzwords, but what does it really take to make your images, videos and graphics a compelling prospect for consumers? This infographic showcases top tips to ensure your assets stand out from the rest.


185 tips to boost your customer referrals

Is the act of asking really all it takes to increase your social media referrals? This article outlines five ways you can encourage your audience to share your message.


4_1The easiest way to make your content dominate on social media

Having a robust social strategy means knowing your audience inside out. But remember, the learning never stops. Find out how to inspire your audience to take action by understanding their triggers, such as who engages with your content, when and why.


207 steps that will hook readers on your content

Losing track of time because you’ve been completely drawn into one activity is exactly the reaction that marketers should be looking for when a user engages with their content. The Kelton Fascination Study, commissioned by bestselling author and brand consultant Sally Hogshead, found that there are seven basic facets to fascination.


1_1How to curate data into great content

With so much data available, it’s difficult to know what’s relevant. Once you’ve got that right, the really hard part is approaching it with an analytical and creative mind so that it tells a great story for your brand. Here are some examples of data curation done right:

21How to write an irresistible headline

Writing headlines is a daunting task, but if it engages the audience half the battle is won. Follow these guidelines to construct a headline your consumers can’t resist.


23The rise of the curated newsletter

Buffer lists the 20 best newsletters and shares its tips on how you can start your own expertly curated content.



2_1Five social media trends for 2015

Aoife O’Mullane, content and social editor for King Content UK examines the potential impact of five social media trends for 2015.



3_1The next marketing frontier: Content intelligence and analytics

Marketers have become adept at delivering and promoting content in a timely manner. The next step is extracting and actioning your content intelligence.



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