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September 10, 2014Uncategorized

Explore the week in content marketing with King Content strategist Lieu Pham.

Marketing subhead

History of Apple

A history of Apple’s product launch marketing

A look back at the ads and product placement that helped Apple launch some of their most successful products. What could your business achieve with that sort of media spend?


Branded content

The battle to own branded content

Creative, media and PR agencies vie to serve marketers in the burgeoning discipline. With so many aggressively pursuing the content marketing money pot, who will ultimately win the long game?


story of your brand

Telling the story of your brand

Content marketing is about telling a story. And no matter your company or your communication goals, every brand has a story to tell. Here are four ways you can use storytelling techniques to build your brand.


What would fosbury do

The innovator’s question: What would Fosbury do?

Did you know that Gmail was a side project? That Facebook’s “Like” button was developed during a hackathon? Contently’s Shane Snow explores the power of lateral thinking in innovation and what the brave intrapreneurs would do well to ask themselves.


‘Horrorstör’ is a ghost story designed like an IKEA catalogue

Your guide to hilariously morbid furniture. Published by Quirk Books in collaboration with Esty artists, the catalogue details items like the Bodavest chair, which “confines the penitent and opposed the agitated movement of blood toward the brain, forcing the subject into a state of total immobility”.

Social media subhead

Miranda July social media

Miranda July’s app puts the social in social media

UK Filmmaker Miranda July has teamed up with Prada brand Miu Miu to create a social networking app in which you can deliver a message to someone you know via a stranger. The ‘Somebody’ app is “a far-reaching public art project, inciting performance and twisting our love of avatars and outsourcing”.

brain on social media

This is your brain on social media

This video by AsapSCIENCE outlines five creepy ways social media is changing our brains.



endorsed for on Linkedin

Warning: Nine ridiculous things you can get endorsed for on LinkedIn

The holes in LinkedIn’s ‘endorse’ feature have been effectively highlighted in this post on the laughable things you can get endorsed for.

rotten in the state of social media

There’s something rotten in the state of social media

Facebook’s separation of their messaging service, Twitter’s injection of suggested content. Human minds versus algorithms. How far will social media giants go to monetise their platforms?


Lists to Improve Your Content Marketing

10 creative ways to use lists to improve your content marketing strategy

According to recent analysis by Kapost, 53 per cent of top-performing blog posts on social media are lists. This HuffPost by Linked Media Group’s Lee Traupel covers 10 fun and interesting list formats to consider.


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