Combat the Penguin with viral content

May 25, 2012Uncategorized

Being in the content marketing space, it seems that we’ve been engulfed in the Penguin and Panda update vortex. On every SEO blog I see it’s “How to combat the Panda” or “How to stave off the dreaded Penguin” – it’s very depressing at times.

But when you start to think about it, if you sat back and listened to us babbling on about content, you may have just missed that boat. You see, when we talk about writing great and engaging content that is also optimised for search engines, you don’t need to do all that ‘black arts’ stuff that would have absolutely wiped you out last week. Most of the good guys were there looking like the cats that got the cream.

I also love it when I see a great piece of content because you know what happens: people like it, they link to it, share it, engage with it – this is what great content is all about and why it’s so important for businesses.


Viral content

Which leads me to one of the better bits of content I have seen in a long time: Dollar Shave Club. The Santa Monica-based start-up has targeted a traditional market and looked to turn it on its ear. The company’s CEO, Mike Dubin, stars in the video that has gone seriously viral – think more than 4.6 million views on YouTube and over 35,000 likes on Facebook.

The video itself is seriously clichéd and takes the mickey out of its competitors at every turn. It gets across the product, the offering and why you should buy, all while dripping with sarcasm. The product itself is hardly sexy, but it’s ranking well on Google, being shared and is seriously engaging. All of this and not a Penguin in sight.