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January 13, 2017Content marketing
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Welcome to the first issue of TWICM for 2017, the #Predictions issue.

The Psychic Guild says that every culture has its own form of fortune-telling practices; in our industry, we call them “trends”. Psychologist William James claimed long ago that this curiosity is inherent to our information-seeking nature as sentient beings – ‘‘the impulse towards better cognition”. Whether you’re a science nut or Nostradamus groupie, we know you’ll enjoy this round-up of 2017 trends.

What digital, marketing or content experience do you predict will change your future this year?


Happy New Year!


2017 toolkit for marketers

Warc has pulled together its guide to six major marketing trends for 2017. It includes artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented realities, social video, dark social, direct-to-consumer retail and digital-age effectiveness. Find out how you can make the most of these trends to help your brand. [via Warc]

The future of content marketing in 2017

In their ninth annual ebook of content marketing predictions, the CMI talks with industry experts and shares more than 55 predictions for 2017. From a greater focus on customer-centric content to moving your content to the cloud and everything in-between, 2017 is shaping up to be a big year for content. [via the Content Marketing Institute]

Ford predicts 2017’s biggest consumer trends

Actually, it’s Ford’s in-house futurist – side note: how cool is that? – who keeps an eye on changing behaviours, and she has four consumer trends you might want to pay attention to this year. Is your business ready for “decider dilemma”? [via Ad Age]

Keep your eyes peeled for these SEO trends in 2017

SEO plays a huge role in the advertising and tech industry, and 2017 will only see it grow bigger. It’s going to be about how SEO can help the user meet their goals with further optimisation for user intent, and the provision of rich SERP results. Mobile use also continues to grow and shape SEO, but what will be the impact of ever-increasing voice search? [via Search Engine Land]

The biggest tech trends shaping society in 2017

Want Beyoncé to perform in your living room? It could (almost) be a reality if VR-on-demand takes off. From virtual reality home entertainment to business bots and healthcare based on big data, here are the 15 top tech trends predicted for 2017. [via Frog]

Physical and digital (phygital?) trends to watch out for in 2017

Landor discusses the rise in chatbots, the blurring of lines between physical and digital realities, “adulting” vs “kidulting”, simplified packaging and more. Find out which of these trends will impact your brand this year. [via Landor]

Native advertising and seven more marketing trends for 2017

Native advertising and content marketing often go hand in hand, and 2017 will be the year brands decide how to incorporate one or both into their marketing mix. Visual storytelling will continue to grow, while content expiry dates will help drive audiences, particularly Gen Z, to your content. [via Entrepreneur]

10 high-tech consumer trends in 2017

In 2017 consumers will want to see greater communication and collaboration through their devices. VR, AR, AI and IoT will all play a role in creating a world where physical and virtual spaces will merge seamlessly into a single reality. [via Ericsson]

The shape of mobile marketing in 2017

In today’s mobile-first world, real-time data will help companies integrate technology to create agile and actionable marketing. Technology will also allow brands and marketers to create omnichannel experiences for consumers. Do you know what other trends are shaping mobile marketing in 2017? [via Adweek]

Trends that will take off in 2017

Venture Beat pulls together five trends that will take off in 2017 including a rise in live video platforms, chatbots and immersive reality, and shift in how brands and agencies should measure the success of their video campaigns. [via Venture Beat]

The shape of social media in 2017

Social media is changing faster than the time it takes for your Snapchat messages to disappear. The predictions for social in 2017 include a growth in search on Facebook, Instagram getting serious about its business users and a rise in circular video on Snapchat. [via Buffer]

The top 17 tech predictions for 2017

Forbes explores 17 predictions for tech in 2017, including the impact of the new US president and how the Internet of Things will continue to shape the future. Visual and augmented reality will become mainstream while China is likely to become “untouchable” in the world of robotics. [via Forbes]

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