King Content’s Tips on Facebook Marketing

March 26, 2011Uncategorized

Last week, King Content sponsored the Aimia event – Content Marketing: You are in the Publishing Business. Since then, we’ve been busy writing and tweeting and liking and linking and posting and thinking (yes, even thinking) about all the other forms of online marketing.

What’s been spinning around our minds is how content marketing is merely a slice of the online marketing pie – a healthy slice – but there are certainly plenty of other segments to fill before you have the complete package.

One of these, obviously, is facebook marketing – or #facebookmarketing for those who want to use twitter to keep up to date on all things facebook (we’ll leave twitter marketing to a later date… but obviously there’s a strong bond between the two).

King Content’s tips for successful facebook marketing:

With Australian’s being the most active facebook users in the world (over 80% of internet users regularly use social channels) it makes sense for Australian businesses to get onboard the social media wagon and start marketing themselves to the most engaging social media nation in the world.

Cardinal rule: Do not set up a page, post until you get bored, then leave it to go stagnant. This is worse than having no presence at all.


Just why do you want a facbook page? And how will you successfully market yourself across the page to achieve your goals?

Know who you are speaking to and why. Research your customers and follow what they follow… know what they are talking about and what drives them to comment. Do not randomly post things that are not of interest – make a content plan and align it with your greater marketing strategy.


When you set up a page on facebook, it is set to a custom template. It will include all the basic tabs and features that are standard for a business or organization. However, these can be changed and played with – and should be! Custom is the standard package – and you will only ever appear to be a ‘standard package’ if you stick with this.

Use FBML (facebook markup language) to design a landing page for new users. You will see that a small percentage of business pages do this and it is a far more effective way of gaining ‘likes’ than the wall which just looks like a mass of words.


You have to give a little to get a little – once you have followers, don’t neglect them. Just because they have ‘liked’ you doesn’t mean that they can’t unlike you or even worse ‘hide’ your updates – this is worse as it can hinder your marketing projections – you may have 1000 followers but if half of them decided to hide your posts (due to boring, repetitive or non-relevance) then your projected number of ‘likes’ is actually deceiving.


Facebook gives you a free user analytics tool – so use it – regularly. Keep track of what posts received the most positive feedback and the age / gender / general stats of your users. You can use this to finely-tune your facebook marketing techniques by working on the content areas which gain the most attention.


Facebook now enables users to log on as their page and therefore leave comments as the actual company. This is an excellent way to engage with your followers and with other relevant companies. Use this feature – but do not spam! Pimping your page across other pages is definitely a useful tactic but it can also be detrimental to your ‘like’ rate if overused.

On top of this, look for industry related blog posts and try and feed people back from these. Wherever there is a conversation online about your product, you should aim to join it. Use Google alerts to find these conversations – and reply at all times possible. Post related stories on your page too, to show you are up to date with related news and always leave a leading comment underneath to prompt response.