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June 4, 2014Uncategorized

Every week, Melbourne Content Strategist Lieu Pham compiles the latest content marketing articles, news and advice from the web to create the week in content marketing. Sit back, relax and enjoy staying on top of the latest digital content marketing news and trends!

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Spying and privacy are key topics in this week’s roundup, with the usual suspects doing suspect things.

Facebook tries to prove it’s not as creepy as we make it out to be, while a new network encourages gossip and complaining among unhappy workers. Most alarmingly is news that our smartphones can spy on us, sending pictures over the internet without our knowledge.

On a more transparent and upbeat note, rap comes to Silicon Valley in a big way, bolstering Apple’s brand appeal.

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Measure your friends’ ‘social effect’

How hard are you trying on social media? Now you can find out. The AXE utility shows exactly where you sit on the social scale. Try it here.




How to bake distribution into your content production recipe

While the assumption may be that the content marketing trend largely equates to clicking the publish button more frequently, one important strategy that’s often overlooked in publishing is building distribution into your content.


TV networks accused of ‘pushing boundaries’ on ad-break length 

A Mumbrella analysis reveals ads across networks Seven, Nine and Ten are running longer than what is permitted under the Commercial TV Code of Practice. Interruption marketing, we are truly over you!


Apple didn’t want Beats, it needed it

What does this week’s US$3 billion dollar deal mean to Apple, Beats and the music-streaming market as a whole? Why have none of the major companies figured out how to turn a profit with music streaming? And what’s the end game?

Facebook cuts down on automatic updates

On Tuesday, the social network announced that fewer “implicit stories” (automatic updates from third-party apps) will make it into the News Feed. In short, your friends will no longer know you just played that Justin Bieber song on Spotify. 

How marketers can make the most of Gmail’s tabbed inbox

Email marketing – that battle axe of marketing tactics – is often used to promote business or share updates and news. But how do marketers get around Google’s tabbed inbox and unsubscribe option? Here are 12 ways to navigate the tricky Gmail terrain.


Insights from Mary Meeker’s 2014 Internet Trends Report

A summary of the original report, which is 164 slides long. If you prefer the long version, go here. Otherwise, check out:



Instagram’s Explore tab now tailored to you

The social network has made a small but significant change to its app, making photo and video discovery a more personal experience.


Five brands to emulate on YouTube

A study reveals over 80 per cent of Americans ignore online advertising (no surprises here). In order to cut through the noise, brands must create content. Here are five brands on YouTube doing it well. 




There is now a social network for complaining about co-workers

Mi925 aims to give workers a forum to talk about work-related issues, but it also offers an anonymous option, giving users a digital space to whinge. We smell disaster.


The top 50 people most retweeted by digital marketers

A study shows that a marketer’s consumption of social, and insights into the B2B side of social media, can be invaluable when crafting a marketing strategy.




Your smartphone’s camera can be used to spy on you

The news we’ve all been dreading – the first reported instance of a hacker being able to secretly hijack smartphone cameras.



Everything you need to know about Facebook’s privacy tweaks

Facebook, a company that wants to be everything internet related to everyone, is realising it needs to pay more attention to privacy concerns.


Melbourne signs deal to become the first Australian city with own .brand domain name

Melbourne is set to become the first Australian city to have its own .brand domain name. Marketers are hoping the domain name will make local brands more targeted and searchable.