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June 11, 2014Uncategorized


Every week, Melbourne Content Strategist Lieu Pham compiles the latest content marketing articles, news and advice from the web to create the week in content marketing. Sit back, relax and enjoy staying on top of the latest digital content marketing news and trends!

Lieu Pham King ContentThis week we ask: will a robot take your job?

This 21st century debate is happening right now with Uber drivers. Off the back of the sharing economy comes Enquire, an app where neighbours can get to know each other – the smartphone way. Millennials are in the news again, this time inspiring the new buzzword ‘fauxsumerism’ (that is, faux consumerism), while Instagram, Facebook and Tinder unveil new features.

We also check out the Aether Cone, a speaker that plays music according to your preferences, the time of day, the mood you’re in and what you had for lunch – okay, maybe not that last one, but singularity might be closer than we think.

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Are our technology leanings making us redundant?
Uber looks to replace its drivers with robots while Amazon seeks to employ 10,000 robots.




Russian bank gives its customers a reason to break a sweat
First came Nike’s Facebook app that allowed runners to buy products with kilometres jogged. Now comes a Russian bank that rewards its customers with higher interest rates if they exercise.



Introducing the robot DJ

The Aether Cone, a speaker with ‘listening’ capacities, learns your habits and then predicts your musical tastes.



An app to know thy neighbour

Just moved into the neighbourhood and don’t know where the best cafe is? Ask your neighbour with the Enquire app, aimed at bringing communities closer together.




Fauxsumerism: Cyber window shopping is a Millennial habit

‘False consumerism’ is the process of discovering products online without purchasing anything.




Instagram upgrades aplenty

If you haven’t updated your Instagram app recently, get on it. On Tuesday, the photo-sharing platform introduced 10 new tools for photo editing.



Facebook rolls out its new design to everyone

If you use a Facebook Page for marketing, these new changes will be relevant to both you and your clients.



Six ways to measure an influence marketing campaign

Danny Brown claims measurement is something social media has over traditional forms of advertising and marketing. As he puts it, “The ability to create extremely targeted campaigns, combined with platforms that measure which networks and content create the most return on investment, has made social media a key part of every smart business owner’s toolset.”

How to get the most out of your content: One blog, 21 tips

How do you make your content work harder for you? Here are some sure-fire ideas for your existing content.



What’s BuzzFeed and Upworthy’s secret sauce?

BuzzFeed has tripled its monthly unique visitor count over the last 24 months, while Upworthy has gone from about one million visitors in its first few months to more than 20 million unique visitors per month today, making it one of the fastest-growing media sites of all time. What’s their secret formula?


Would you let Humin take over your smartphone?

The Humin app “wants to do for the phone app what WhatsApp did for messaging, or what Mailbox did for email”. If your job relies on relationship marketing, this app could be your new best friend.


Tinder decides moments shouldn’t last forever

The popular people-finding app is launching an ephemeral photos feature that will help people connect in more meaningful ways.



WWF employs Snapchat to raise awareness
The #LastSelfie campaign used Snapchat to show endangered wildlife species vanish from users’ screens within seconds.


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