The week in content marketing #98

January 13, 2016Uncategorized

The week in content marketing with strategist Lieu Pham

This week we explore life after ad blocking, as agencies respond to the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC)’s recently released native advertising rule book. We meet live-streaming challenger MeVee with its potentially game-changing ability to serve video ads, and we check out some inspired campaigns in the social media landscape.

Elsewhere, magazines look at reinventing themselves (adapt or perish is the mantra), while you can now get directly in touch with Miss Piggy via Facebook! 


2MeVee joins Meerkat and Periscope in live-streaming

Meerkat and Periscope were the first to break into the live-streaming market, but now there’s another player waiting (im)patiently in the wings. MeVee, a brand-new live-streaming start-up app, has a strength that the two first-to-market players don’t: the power to serve video ads. With just a few more backers and some added hype, MeVee could eventually take the top spot in the live-stream market. 






5Inspired social campaigns

While it’s argued that consumers these days pay little attention to traditional advertising, brands can still make a big impact in the physical world. Companies can combine mobile media with real-world experiences, creating a responsive and valuable network of followers both on and offline. Econsultancy explores some inspiring examples of brands filling the social-physical gap using the likes of Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram.






6Native advertising’s new rule book

There was widespread discussion about the FTC’s latest native advertising regulations which focused on the use of ‘promoted stories’ and sponsorship. Co.Create rounds up several agency comments in response to the guidelines, bringing to light some interesting opinions on how ‘good content’ should operate.






10What is content marketing’s ROI?

Understanding the numbers is just as important as creating the content, and the content marketing industry is tackling the contentious topic of measuring content success. Industry leaders offer advice on framework, metrics and operations to address those difficult questions involving channels, consumption and ROI.






12Native advertising after ad blocking

The new year brings much optimism to the future of native advertising, thanks to the rise of ad blocking and ad quality. eMarketer talks to founder and CEO of native ad platform Nativo, Justin Choi, about expected programmatic trends and the role that video will play in 2016.






8Chat to Miss Piggy on Facebook

Thanks to Al technology, you can now chat with Miss Piggy on Facebook Messenger. The latest Disney character is taking time out of her busy schedule to promote Up Late with Miss Piggy. Over 6000 different responses have been created so Miss Piggy can have interesting (and realistic!) conversations with users on the social network’s live chat.






9First taxis, what’s next in transport to be disrupted?

It’s no surprise that Uber is turning the transport industry upside down, one city at a time. While some locations have been more difficult to penetrate than others, the ride-hailing app is rapidly killing off traditional cabs with its hard-to-mimic growth strategies. No-one is feeling the pain more than San Fran’s largest taxi service, Yellow Cab, who recently filed for bankruptcy. Slate reports on the iconic brand’s downfall as being just the beginning of a complete demolition of the traditional transport industry.






1Lean Cuisine blocks out dieting

With post-holiday dieting messages out in full force this January, Lean Cuisine has launched an ad blocking stunt to cut down diet and weight-loss conversations and shine a light on healthier eating. The brand’s Google Chrome extension is covering terms such as ‘diet’ and ‘dieting’ with an orange box as part of the company’s #WeighThis campaign. 







11How magazines are reinventing themselves

Magazine companies are attempting to outrun their fate as the world expects wounded print companies to be sucked up by the digital world, once and for all. Quartz looks at the magazines creating made-for-social copy and how Instagram is not only opening up opportunities for magazines, but for writers as well. 






7Introducing ‘people analytics’

There’s been a lot of talk about the increasing opportunities to influence hiring decisions by utilising the vast amounts of data flying around the web. People analytics works by linking up the behaviours, attitudes and skills required for increased business performance and matching them with data about prospective employees.






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