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The week in content marketing with strategist Lieu Pham

This week, we reflect on the year that was with Adage’s 2015 brand moments, and receive a fortune-reading from the Content Marketing Institute. Google unveils the most searched terms for 2015 while ushering a new era of topical optimisation. Meanwhile, Star Wars references infiltrate blog posts everywhere, and we’re okay with that.

May the content marketing force be with you this holiday season. 

Merry Christmas from the all the team here at King Content!

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10Adage’s best 2015 brand moments

The internet is a pretty intense arena to play in, with its always-on nature keeping brands on their toes 24/7. Trying to navigate the ever-changing environment is harder than it looks, and as serial content consumers, we underestimate how difficult it is for brands to get attention. As we bid farewell to 2015, Adage has a look at the best brand moments of the past 12 months – some are attributable to a strong, calculated strategy, while others are simply a case of being in the right place at the right time.



1The Content Marketing Institute’s 2016 fortune-telling session

Every year, some of the most renowned leaders in the digital industry get together to discuss what 2016 could look like for digital marketers. Check out the annual eBook for a sneak peak into what to expect from the industry next year, thanks to the Content Marketing Institute.




13Digital users have major trust issues

Our ways of doing things may vary from culture to culture, but one thing’s for sure: regardless of our cultural differences, those who have internet are always on, they’re impatient, and they’re swayed only by a unique experience. According to Adobe’s latest report on digital content, consumers question the credibility of user-generated information, such as reviews, and the real motivations fuelling authors who create ‘opinion articles’. Have a look at some of the other surprising insights that make it clear to brands that trust and credibility is key to winning in digital.


6The sweet spot for digital optimisation

Before Google introduced the ‘Hummingbird Algorithm’, keyword optimisation was the number one goal. Brands would pack as many words as possible onto their website in the hopes of increasing visibility during an online search. As soon as the search engine giant announced that brands had to improve their digital content if they ever wanted a shot at page one, the influx of thin, meaningless content was replaced. Now, semantic relevance, which involves a more human approach, is vital to being on page one. Marketing Land looks into the importance of writing for the users and not for Google.


112015’s top Google search terms

From American Sniper to troubled NBA basketballer Lamar Odom, Business Insider lists the most popular Google search terms in 2015. The list includes an eclectic mix of news, films and celebrities.




4The strong content marketing force of Star Wars

In light of the viral conversations buzzing around the launch of the latest Star Wars film, The Force Awakens, Marketing Insider Group (MIG) takes a deep dive into the power of the franchise from a content marketing angle. MIG looks at the strategic lessons we can take away from using different content formats, right through to the importance of invisible content marketing for universal power.


Social & Tech


12You can now summon an Uber via Facebook messenger

In an ongoing attempt to stop people navigating away from the social network giant, Facebook now allows users to order an Uber through instant messaging. Tech Crunch discusses exactly how the new installation works, and how the latest transportation option demonstrates how communicating with people online will eventually become the same for interacting with brands in the foreseeable future.




3Netflix smart socks: the latest solution to first-world problems

Shortly after the release of ‘Netflix Switch’, which turns on Netflix and dims the lights with the click of a (‘Netflix & Chill’) button, the company is now set to release socks that can sense when you fall asleep mid-Netflix-binge and will pause your show for you. This clever technology works with the help of both LED technology and an accelerometer that detects when you haven’t moved for a certain period of time. The only downside? You have to make them yourself.



2How Watson will disrupt the data game for brands

IBM’s Artificial Intelligence system, Watson, is about to transform the way that brands deliver customer experience, service and hospitality. IBM is opening up its innovative doors to companies that wish to feed consumer data into the system and receive a truly insightful analysis in return. Fast Company explains what this means for the future.




9Here’s why we can’t break up with Facebook

According to a study of 5000 users, our love-hate relationships with Facebook is no different from an addiction to smoking or junk food. The study encouraged those involved to give up FB for 99 days. Have a read of the interesting outcomes in Complex mag.




Tips & Tactics


5Go deep. Go wide. Or go home

An effective content strategy will employ both deep and wide content, but not both. Ensure that you use wide content to attract, intrigue and acquire, and deep content to engage, strengthen and nurture. Copybloggers breaks it down for us.




7May the PR force be with you

Even content marketers aren’t immune to the hype of Star Wars. Here’s what Ewoks, clones and Master Yoda can teach you about effective communication. Are you ready to embark on some Jedi training?





8Broaden your reach with influencer templates

We know that influencers, bloggers and third-party endorsements can broaden your reach as part of any content strategy, but the tactical application of engaging these influencers can be somewhat daunting. Where do you start to get that tick of approval and how do you engage with them? If only there were a template…




8A formula to be creative

Here’s a formula guaranteed to get the creative juices flowing. Whether your position title includes the word ‘creative’ or not, chances are you’re going to be required to ‘get creative’ at some stage. The good news is that we’ve all got what it takes – we just need to be reminded of that sometimes.




14Gift ideas for writers

Shopping for that writer in your life? Look no further than Ragan’s gift guide for the wordsmith. From literary perfumes and Writer Emergency Packs to writer retreats and a one-on-one with an editor, some of these ideas are quirky, some are practical, and others are downright genius.



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