The week in content marketing #94

December 9, 2015Uncategorized

The week in content marketing with strategist Lieu Pham

Is your brand 10 times better than your competitors? According to Moz, if you want to be talked about, recognised and trusted, this is the target to hit. Check out the article to judge for yourself. Over in Googleland, traffic cops chase down the ad-tech baddies with their new filter tool, while McDonald’s heads Down Under to serve up its user-generated #FryFlix films to the fast-food masses.

We also dish up our usual mixed platter of tools and tips. On the menu this week: how to obtain content marketing buy-in from your bosses, crafting the perfect story, defining a brand voice, and developing a 2016 marketing plan. 

Media & Marketing

1Are you a 10x brand?

Moz’s Eric Enge coins the term “10x brand”, describing the new ambition for brands today. This translates to being “10 times better” than your competitors across several areas, including brand recognition, brand mentions and brand trust. “10x” is a concept that shows what it will take for brands to succeed in the digital age of changing advertising models, an internet-connected audience and, of course, the behaviours, attitudes and values of a predominantly millennial consumer base.


9Google clamps down on ad fraud

Google has a team of ‘traffic cops’ – a specialist team of over 100 people whose sole job is to monitor the quality of web traffic. In the wake of ad blocking and the continual problem of dodgy ad impressions, the team has developed a tool to filter out false inventory at the pre-bid stage. According to WARC, ‘malvertising’ causes the US digital advertising industry $8.2 billion a year, so this filter could be the answer the industry’s been waiting for.



2A CMO’s view: How the 208-year-old Wiley brand went from traditional to digital marketing

This case study focuses on how education publisher Wiley transformed itself in the digital age. Wiley’s CMO, Clay Stobaugh, says the vision is to turn the traditional publishing house into a global modern marketing organisation. In this Q&A, Stobaugh explains the challenges, obstacles and wins his company has undergone throughout their digital transformation.



1McDonald’s serves up user-generated #FryFlix films

To promote McDonald’s latest menu offering – loaded fries with guacamole and salsa – the fast-food giant has launched #FryFlix across the Aussie digital sphere to bring fries to life. As part of the project’s video arm, Macca’s has launched a completely crowdsourced social film that calls on fans to help define its storyline. Episodes will be hosted on the #FryFlix digital content hub.




Social & Tech

4Facebook acts to prevent suicide in Oz

FB isn’t always about sharing cute cat pictures and funny videos. At times, it can be a channel for communicating distress and, worse, voicing suicidal thoughts. Right now, Facebook doesn’t have complex algorithms or staff working 24/7 to detect posts about suicide, so the social network is calling on the help of its users to report distressing content directly to the network. Originally piloted in the US, Facebook’s suicide prevention tools are now being launched in Australia, in collaboration with BeyondBlue and Headspace.


2Virtual assistants are the new black 

With Siri, Cortana and Google Now, virtual assistants are the coolest things in tech. On our laptops, we expect to search for information ourselves because that’s what we’re used to. On our phones, however, we need to get stuff done on the go, which means having the desired information finding us. Business Insider calls on Google to paint a picture of the mobile future, where the information we want, whether it’s the weather, footy scores or five-star vegan restaurants within a five-kilometre radius, will be in front of us even before we search for it.


3VR films coming soon to a device near you

There’s a lot of hype around the future of virtual reality following the launch of FB’s 360-degree ads. But questions still remain about the sort of content that will perform best when virtual reality becomes… well… reality. We’re getting a taste of what’s to come with intimate VR-like moments created by Coca-Cola, Volvo and HBO, but will this type of content be just as effective in a world of Oculus Rifts?




Tips & Tools

8Tools and apps to work smart

Inc. asks 10 startup founders to hand over their productivity secrets from apps, resources and templates that are tried and tested to assist in the day-to-day management of getting stuff done.





5How to get the boss to green-light content marketing

While more than half of B2B buyers are through the decision-making process before they make the first interaction with a salesperson, senior management still fails to understand the powerful opportunities of content in the B2B environment. 




7The 2016 marketing game plan

It’s a battlefield out there in the marketing world. With everyone fighting for eyeballs in our always-on nation, a game plan is pivotal to keeping brands fit and strong in 2016. Paul Roetzer from PR 20/20 lays out the groundwork necessary for building a marketing plan that evaluates, establishes and executes a winning business strategy in the new year.



10Tools for telling the ultimate story with Copyblogger 

This week’s Copyblogger collection compiles a series of three articles on how to build an audience with story, how to identify the most important element of your marketing story and how to use storytelling to create a truly unmissable content series.





6Develop strong tone of voice

From my experience with King Content, I’ve seen the true power of a distinctive tone of voice that can take away the fear of loss from consumers with trust issues, and I’ve seen how a low-key, comforting brand voice can turn a company into the guy that’s there to help out a mate. Ann Handley offers up her five pearls of wisdom on developing a strong, identifiable tone in all content marketing efforts.




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