The week in content marketing #93

December 2, 2015Uncategorized

The week in content marketing with strategist Lieu Pham

This week we learn about Mashable and Visa’s native e-commerce shop, and take a peek at Amazon’s new delivery service, which is manned by air drones. Elsewhere, neuroscientists work out a way to measure our attention, much in the way they do our IQs.

Over in the Big Apple, Manhattan friends have released a new dating app built on existing behaviours, while in Germany an Audi strategist claims driverless cars, acting more like mobile accommodations, will mean the end for sleeping at hotels and fly-in, fly-out plane trips.

As always, we’ve rounded up some marketing and digital tips and tools to take your marketing activities to the next level. Onwards and upwards! 

Media & Marketing


6Mashable opens up native-ecommerce shop

You’ve heard about native ads, and now Mashable and Visa bring us the next evolution: the native shop, aka Mashable Shop. The e-commerce and native experiment will incorporate Visa’s payment service with Mashable’s platform for selling products (from Visa’s partners) throughout 2016. While all the money from sales will go to the partners, Mashable itself will be selling its own branded hoodies, sunglasses and hacky-sacks. It’s not known how much Mashable made from this deal, but it’s a far more attractive revenue stream than selling banner ads! 





1Amazon’s integrated retail play

Why would you set up a bricks-and-mortar store in the digital age? If you’re asking this question, you’re missing the point – it isn’t so much which is better, ecommerce or a real-life store, but rather how can you integrate the online experience with the off-line experience to give customers the best of both worlds. Amazon, one of the largest retailers in the world, recently opened up a shop in Seattle to widespread criticism – however, if you look carefully at the retailer’s strategy, you’ll see why this is a progressive move.




5What’s your attention IQ?

In this world of increasing information abundance, our attention has become a commodity. Now, neuroscientists can measure how focused you are by looking at unique patterns in brain connectivity. However, just like with IQ tests, it’s still very problematic to measure something so complex, as you run the risk of oversimplification. But once refined, this test could help inform custom-learning approaches and attention-training programs. I’m sure we could all do with some extra focus!




Social & Tech


2Say hello to your dating BFF, Jyst

Jyst, a relative newcomer to the dating app scene, is capturing media attention due to its quick adoption (1000 downloads and counting and it only launched three weeks ago), along with its premise: females seeking and giving advice to other females. The dating app was self-funded for less than $50,000 by friends Emily Listfield and Nadina Guglielmetti, who noticed that women typically ask for their friends’ help to decode text messages from guys they are dating. The app has some great features, including setting up questions that allow people to respond uncensored. In the future, Listfield and Guglielmetti will be looking to add geo-sensing, community-focused features and messaging, along with exploring advertising partners and brand integration.



8Amazon’s delivery drones are coming soon

It might sound like something out of a sci-fi novel, but Amazon’s air drones will soon be taking flight. Videos and images of the delivery drones, still in the prototype stage, appeared on Amazon’s Prime Air page recently to show the future of postage. Amazon’s goal is to fast-track its delivery service, with people receiving packages weighing less than five pounds (around 2.25kg) within half an hour. Jeff Bezos says the drones’ first destination could be the UK. 





3Driverless cars to overtake flights and hotels in 20 years

Travel disruption alert: we could soon be saying goodbye to the dreaded fly-in, fly-out experience and budget overnight motel stays thanks to new advancements in self-driving cars. Automobile companies like Audi have been the first to take the wheel in testing self-driving technology, in line with current regulations. According to Audi’s vice-president of brand strategy and digital business Sven Schuwirth, cars will become more and more like mobile apartments to cater for overnight commutes.





10Nescafé reach new generation of coffee drinkers with social lens

After generating much success with its latest 360-degree video campaign and the #goodmorningworld social movement, Nescafé has announced future commitments to a social-first strategy. Carsten Fredholm, Head of SBU, explained that the beverage company desires to provide the real brand experience, just like a coffee drinker would in-store. The strategy follows on from the company’s recent efforts to reach out to young coffee drinkers. We’ve witnessed Pepsi’s (epically) failed attempts at a social-first strategy, but could Nescafé have created the perfect blend? Watch the brand’s latest virtual reality and social videos on Warc.



Tips & Tactics


9The three Cs of data-driven content marketing

It’s undeniable that content marketing is highly effective in getting your brand and product in front of the right market, but questions are constantly raised over how to translate data to measure and prove success. Brad Messinger from The Content Marketing Institute delivers a three-step framework for utilising data as a guide to creating a highly profitable content strategy. 






11Practice content quality control with Copyblogger

Copyblogger’s latest podcast uncovers the often-missed opportunities for creating unique experiences with an audience: through editing and proofreading. The podcast explains how to critique your own writing, how to layer a persuasive sway over content, and the tricks to picking up hidden mistakes that could throw your writing credibility out the window.






7How to match your flying-unicorn marketing visions with audience data

Whether you tend to let your imagination and hunches guide your marketing strategy or rely solely on numbers to deliver the final proposal, Jessica Ann from Marketing Insider Group knows the pain of finding the perfect balance between data and creativity. Here’s a three-step approach to leveraging both sides of the marketing brain that will carve an innovative strategy, backed by both intent and purpose.






4Four tips to creating quality videos with Entrepreneur

Getting an audience to sit in front of your videos is one thing, but actually entertaining them with quality, content, presentation and style is another. Entrepreneur‘s Brandon Turner shares four great pieces of advice that will give your video the extra boost it needs to wow viewers.







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