The Week in Content Marketing #90

November 11, 2015Uncategorized

The week in content marketing with strategist Lieu Pham

This week new research encourages marketers to think outside of the segmentation box, The Economist re-evaluates its reporting metrics, and Obama ramps up his social credentials with an official Facebook page. Elsewhere, Expedia acquires HomeAway in an effort to raise the competitive stakes, and YouTube launches its VR support feature, with TOMS Shoes and The Hunger Games as test subjects.

Also in this edition, a round-up of practical resources, including a 99u piece on landing your first client, a dive into the 80/20 rule for LinkedIn, a summary of video case studies, and a dose of social media tools to test out.


Media & Marketing

4Attitude replaces age for targeting consumers

A recent UK study confirms what many of us already know: marketers should be focusing their attention on consumer attitudes. As Marketing Week reports, there are many insights to be gleaned via a deep dive of audience, such as understanding their pain points, how they interact with a category, and what attracts them to a brand. While traditional segmentation is still relevant, focusing on the attitudinal aspects of consumer targeting can open up a new world of possibilities for engagement. 






10The Economist thinks attention metrics are the future 

The Economist is in the process of reassessing its metrics, joining the Financial Times and Wall Street Journal in the belief that measuring attention rather than impressions is more accurate for ad reach. To show they mean it, The Economist is offering advertisers attention units for in-app and online experiences. The Drum reports that, in terms of “trading on user attention”, this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to measuring the value of consumers. The Economist is already working with the likes of Chartbeat and Moat Analytics to track active times. 






11Web poet’s society: New breed succeeds in taking verse viral 

The New York Times reports on a new generation of social media-savvy poets who are turning to digital channels to win loyal fans and, in turn, sending their books straight to the best-sellers list. The story focuses on Tyler Knott Gregson, a former freelance copywriter who started peddling his poetry on Tumblr and Instagram, and ended up posting his way to fame and fortune.






BLOG 2.0 (2)This Old Marketing podcast

This Old Marketing’s Robert Rose and Joe Pulizzi talk about podcasting developments, with particular reference to Google Play’s revival of its podcast offering and Serial’s exclusive streaming partnership with Pandora. This represents a new direction for Pandora, which up until recently was purely focused on streaming music.





Social & Tech


6Obama launches an official Facebook page

Barack Obama is no stranger to the power and reach of social media, which was a major boost to his 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns. Now, the White House has launched the official Obama Facebook page, in a bid to make the top guy more accessible. 






2Could HomeAway take on the powerful Airbnb empire? 

Airbnb has been a global accommodation juggernaut for quite some time now, crushing any potential threat with its high-quality service and great advertising stints. In a bid to give the holiday giant a run for its money, Expedia recently acquired HomeAway, one of the most promising brands to come up against Airbnb. It was a deal that resulted in heavy investing and powerful share price increases for HomeAway, and AdAge takes a look at what implications this all has for the holiday service space.





7The Hunger Games & TOMS test VR vids on YouTube

YouTube recently unveiled its new virtual reality (VR) supported function, and The Hunger Games and TOMS Shoes were the first to jump on board and demonstrate what this innovative add-on has to offer. Have a look at the clips and see how the VR options work to deliver a full, 360-degree experience.






8Facebook launches Music Stories

Facebook is broadening musical horizons with its new post format Music Stories, which allows users to listen to the first 30 seconds of songs shared to the site. In collaboration with Spotify and Apple Music, the feature allows users to stream and share music without leaving the platform, and if they hear anything they like, they can link through to save or purchase the track. As Newsbeat‘s Chi Chi Izundu reports, the initiative doesn’t come as much of a surprise considering the tech world has been fighting it out over music sharing and video views recently – Instagram launched @music earlier this year, and Vine followed suit a few months later with its version of Shazam. It’ll be interesting to see how Facebook’s Music Stories performs in this competitive climate.




Tips & Tactics

1Stop wasting valuable working hours with these easy social media tools

Social media marketing can do wonders for your business, but juggling all your channels can also a huge time investment – how are you supposed to get any work done if you spend all your time managing and monitoring Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? Cynthia Johnson from Entrepreneur supplies some tools of the trade for the time-poor that will instantly lift the digital burden. 






9Takeaways from the VidPros

Video is the way to go for any brand that wants to steer consumers away from their daily internet trawling for just a minute ­– its potential to capture and engage audiences is too powerful to ignore. Michael Litt from Marketing Land reviews some of the most successful branded video campaigns to date, and offers some best practice advice for those who want to try video for themselves.







3How to not look like an amateur in front of your first real-deal client

First impressions are everything, particularly when an industry hotshot wants you to work for their brand. 99u has asked some world-class creatives for their list of dos and don’ts when it comes to that make-or-break career opportunity. Rule number one: don’t act like a rookie and be easily flustered.






5Give your business a good polishing with a LinkedIn page

Copyblogger and LinkedIn expert Viveka Von Rosen outlines the key reasons why your company should be active on LinkedIn and utilising the professional network to improve your presence, communicate with prospective leads, and promote thought leadership with unique industry opinions. The podcast also looks at how the 80/20 rule applies to LinkedIn, and offers quick tips on easing the updating process.








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