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September 9, 2015Uncategorized

The week in content marketing with strategist Lieu Pham

This week we watch the ads topping Media Week’s viral chart, analyse Starbucks’ loyalty program success and learn about the Mexican #narcoculture on Instagram. Pepsi continues to see great importance in design thinking to remain relevant across ever-changing consumer behaviours, while Facebook is trialling its latest 360-degree video ads with top brands like Michael Kors and Gatorade.

Also in this edition, LinkedIn makes it easier for B2B marketers to predict their sales future, and Kylie Lobell from Convince & Convert offers the most effective ways to reach loyal sports fans. 


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8John Lewis Insurance’s “Tiny Dancer” an unexpected viral phenomenon

Since its launch two weeks ago, John Lewis Insurance’s “Tiny Dancer” advertisement has hit the 1.5 million view mark, taking out top spot in Media Week’s viral chart. The ad tugs at the heartstrings, depicting a young girl clumsily dancing around her house to Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer”. Following the tiny dancer on the viral scale are Tommy Hilfiger, Foot Locker and Burger King.






2PepsiCo futureproofs itself with design thinking

In an attempt to stay on top of constant shifts in consumer behaviour, Pepsi hired its first ever chief design officer back in 2012 to promote innovation in product development and strategy. The FMCG brand believes design thinking to be a vital factor in meeting the emotions and rationale fuelling consumer behaviour.






1Starbucks pours hyper-personalisation into its CRM strategies

Reward programs have quickly become an important vehicle for extracting valuable customer data. Starbucks, on the other hand, takes it to a whole new level. Josh Manion from Marketing Land takes apart the coffee giant’s award-winning loyalty platform, pulling out the key elements that make the ‘My Starbucks Rewards Program’ a cut above the rest.






11Six case studies that prove multichannel marketing success

With so many platforms to consume content from, it’s no wonder a multichannel marketing approach will create a consistent customer experience to really hit the target. Jack Simpson from Econsultancy looks at six brands that have executed an award-winning multichannel approach and the successes that have come from each campaign.





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4The rich cartel kids of Instagram

For those who are unaware, Instagram has become the platform for Mexican drug cartel members to show off their (not-so) luxurious lifestyles full of cars, designer clothes, gold-plated weaponry and exotic pets. Stephanie Stark from The Kernel explores the world of #narcoculture and the reasons why the Mexican drug scene has become something of a viral pop sensation. 






3LinkedIn and Fliptop want to help B2Bers predict their future of sales through prospect actions online

Following the acquisition of Fliptop sales and marketing software, LinkedIn plans to assist B2B sales and marketing teams forecast their future customer base using the tech company’s predictive data software. The platform not only enables identification of potential clients, but also records a prospective client’s job title, the websites they’ve visited, the content downloaded and their social media activity.






7Michael Kors and Gatorade the first brands to test Facebook’s latest 360-degree video ads

Facebook’s new ‘immersive experience’ ad format is currently being trialled by Michael Kors, Gatorade, Mr Porter and Spanish retailer Carrefour to showcase the full-screen video unit, and it’s likely that FB will charge a premium for these high-quality placements if all goes to plan. The new ad rollout will attempt to build on efforts to improve the quality of sponsored content across the network. 






10Snapchat now challenging Facebook with 4 billion views per day

Snapchat is now playing on equal ground with Facebook, boasting 4 billion daily video views over the first quarter of 2015. With the app being one of three social network favourites among young people, the increasing growth of video views opens a promising avenue for advertisers wishing to reach the platform’s large chunk of millennial users.





Tips & Tactics


5Seth Godin’s top freelancing tips (PODCAST)

Bestselling marketing author and entrepreneur Seth Godin teams up with Brian Clark to discuss best-practice advice for contractors, from the vitality of creating meaningful work to the best time to raise your rates as a freelancer.






6The latest marketing insights and takeaways from Robert and Joe

Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose uncover the real issue tarnishing the reputation of social media marketing. They also explain the important content opportunities available through podcasting and provide a seven-step process for effective content marketing. 






9How to turn loyal sports fans into brand supporters

In order to reach a massive pool of dedicated and loyal supporters, you need to understand where these audiences hang out and how to reach them. Kylie Ora Lobell from Convince & Convert offers content ideas that will appeal to this audience, from interactive tools to YouTube videos.






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