The week in content marketing

July 9, 2012Uncategorized

Content marketing is being integrated more and more through social mediums. Here’s what we took a particular interest in during the week…

1) What is Inbound Marketing?

The only way blogs, social media, eBooks, videos, online newsletters and other inbound marketing channels can be successful is through offering customers content that is valuable, informative and amusing, which will lead to customers sharing, talking about and ultimately becoming brand advocates for you.

2) How Sony became a Pinterest rock star

The image-based, pinboard-sharing social media site launched in March 2010 is now the third-largest social network, behind Facebook and Twitter.

3) The big shake-up in content writing

Many of the writers we work with have cut their teeth in print. There is, however, the odd writer that still struggles with the idea that they shouldn’t be writing for a digital audience, and this is partly due to the stigma of terms like ‘SEO’ and ‘optimised content’.

4) Google+ Events: Celebrate what matters, with the people who matter most

Today’s online event tools are really just web forms that ask, “Are you going?” Worse yet, they bail when you need them the most: during the actual event, and after everyone leaves. Software should make all of this more awesome, and that’s exactly the aim with Google+ Events.

5) Key tips for using LinkedIn profiles to demonstrate your content marketing expertise

LinkedIn is rapidly emerging as a vehicle for demonstrating expertise and thought leadership, through displaying content that an individual has developed.