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May 8, 2015Uncategorized

The week in content marketing with strategist Lieu Pham

This week Vice Media continues to be one of the most enchantingly rare creatures of the media forest. Plus, we witness the real-time marketing winners from last weekend’s fight/dance-off, and Pedigree tugs on our heartstrings with a truly clever content marketing campaign. In other news, Domino’s releases an Uber-inspired app and Meerkat battles it out with Periscope in the live-streaming video game. Also in this edition, we shed some light on the importance of a persona-based content marketing strategy, how to take advantage of crowdsourced content and the process that fosters consistent idea generation.


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BLOG (4)Can Vice Media’s success ever be duplicated?

Vice Media does a lot of thought-provoking, great things. The digital news outlet’s success can be attributed to its coverage of dark, elephant-in-the-room stories that competing media outlets tiptoe around. Today, Vice is worth six times as much as the Washington Post and still retains a firm grip on an audience of captivated millennials. Will we see another social news organisation achieve this type of glory ever again? Fortune’s Mathew Ingram investigates. 


4Who was crowned the real-time marketing king in the ‘fight of the century’?

Real-time marketing is continuing to explode onto webpages everywhere, and we must now understand tomorrow’s conversations today in order to optimise content opportunities and remain a go-to source for current information. Check out who got the last punch in branded content during the Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight/dance-off.
3Pedigree’s Feel the Good campaign delivers seriously clever content

In its first global marketing campaign in a long time, Pedigree has launched a series of short documentaries featuring stories about how dogs can bring out the best in people. The first television commercial aired on 4 May in Australia. Keep a tissue handy; these are real tearjerkers.


2How content marketing and native advertising weigh up in reach, engagement and ROI

Moz and Fractl work together to bring you the latest research and findings on the similarities and differences between, and strengths and weaknesses of, content marketing and native advertising. They also reveal which tactic ultimately drives the highest ROI for your company.


8Real-time marketing welcomes the royal baby

In 2013, the birth of royals William and Kate’s son, Prince George, boosted UK retail sales by US$400 million. This year, brands are homing in on real-time marketing in an attempt to cash in on the newest addition the royal family, Princess Charlotte. Here are some of the most talked about branded attempts to take advantage of the trending topic – some worth congratulating, some, not so much.


11Ann Handley’s top 6 recent marketing campaigns

Content marketing queen Ann Handley picks her six favourite marketing campaigns from a range of different brands with different budgets and different measures of success.


Social & Tech

10Domino’s lets you follow your Meatlovers from the oven to your door

Hangry people of Australia, this one’s for you. Inspired by the Uber app, Domino’s has released a real-time tracking app to assuage the anguish of waiting for the pizza delivery man. Customers can follow their pizza order from the oven to their door, find out their driver’s name and even discover what music they are playing on their way over. The service will be up and running in Australia and New Zealand by the end of July.


6Ultimate showdown: Meerkat vs Periscope

It’s been no more than six weeks since the two live-video-streaming platforms were introduced to the market, and already both start-ups are speeding towards mainstream relevance. Meerkat and Periscope allow users to shoot video footage and immediately share the content on social media. David Molofsky from ITProPortal explores the difference between the two apps, including which is the most promising platform in an environment soon to experience complete video domination.


7Phind: The Shazam for places

Lost in a foreign city with absolutely no idea how you got there and how to get home? Phind is here to help. Simply take a photo of your surroundings to uncover information about the area via image recognition. Using other apps like Foursquare and Wikipedia, Phind brings up facts, history and nearby restaurants. Partnerships with apps like Viatour also allow you to purchase tickets and make bookings for restaurants all in one go.


Tips & Tactics

126 tips for maximising crowdsourced content on social media

It’s a no-brainer that today’s customers demand strong, relevant content that does not scream and shout ‘Buy my product!’ Turning to your pre-existing band of followers for valuable ideas and feedback will create a community of emotionally invested brand ambassadors. Here are six tips for taking full advantage of customer-generated content.


5The importance of building a persona into your content strategy

When developing a content marketing strategy it’s crucial to identify and understand each type of person, or group of people, you want to attract. Developing buyer personas is critical to developing content ideas, tactics and just about everything else, from customer acquisition to retention. Here are a few helpful tips on identifying and defining buyer personas for your content marketing strategy.


A guide to mapping the customer journey

Blueprinting each experience a customer has with an organisation can become confusing and extremely complex. Customer-journey mapping can simplify the process, allowing you to do anything from locating an organisation’s most promising touchpoints to uncovering profitable content opportunities. Here are seven tips to get the ball rolling.


1How to consistently deliver great ideas

Ben Harper from MarketingProfs explains the three stages of the idea-generation process, explaining that if undertaken correctly, the process will not only foster quality creative thinking but also assist in the successful delivery of campaigns.


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