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The week in content marketing with strategist Lieu Pham

Adidas’s new enviro-sneaker and a look at the transition from ‘demographic’ to ‘intent’ targeting. In other news, B2B campaigns are sharing the spotlight with B2C at this year’s Cannes Lions, and soon, homes will be connected to our heartbeats and data mining will involve tracking pizza-slice emojis.

Also in this edition, Mashable presents 43 of the best free education courses, Stefanie Flaxman from Copyblogger delivers tips on effective proofreading, and Roger C. Parker from CMI offers his favourite reads for marketers on the go.

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12  The death of demographics as a targeting tool

Marketers are at a segmenting crossroads. The ‘old rules’ of demographic segmentation are being questioned regularly, while ‘new rules’ are yet to be defined. Enter ‘intent’, 2015’s newest targeting concept/buzzword, which uses marketing tech and data to enable brands to target based solely on interest, as opposed to age, location or household size.


6Get out of your bet early with Sportsbet’s new cash-out option

In order to remain on top of the mobile betting category, Sportsbet has launched a two-part campaign to promote its new ‘cash out’ feature, which allows punters more control over their bets. The hilarious ads focus on the sinking feeling experienced as a punter’s team is about to lose and showcases the opt-out option that’s available even after a match has already begun. The campaign’s radio spot took home a Bronze Radio Lion at Cannes this year.


5Sounds like garbage, but Adidas is turning ocean plastic into something seriously cool

Much scepticism arises when organisations ‘go green’ to boost their CSR portfolio. However, Adidas’s partnership with environmental protection group Parley and the UN is like nothing we’ve seen before. The sneaker giant has created the world’s first ever shoe made solely from harvested ocean plastic and illegal deep-sea nets. Anti-whaling boat The Sea Shepherd retrieved the nets during an expedition to track illegal poaching off the West African coastline. 


8B2B campaigns sharing the spotlight at Cannes Lions 2015

Thanks to large brands like Volvo and Apple and some start-up enterprises, B2B is shaking off its boring reputation and providing stellar examples of engaging, valuable content. Here are eight campaigns that took home Grand Prix or Gold awards at this year’s Cannes Lions.

Social & Tech

11Natural materials in devices further integrate technology and the environment

Fast Co.Design looks at the impact of natural materials on human behaviour and the gadgets that have successfully integrated wood, aluminium and gold to enhance our long-term wellbeing. 



4There’s more data in that bowl of ramen emoji than you thought

Why type out ‘pizza’ – five whole letters – when you can type a slice of pizza as a single character? As digital text is being replaced more and more frequently by emojis, marketers are realising that if this new-age language is not tracked and understood, companies will miss out on gaining an understanding of brand attitudes and what consumers want.

3Getting back to basics with smart technology

Imagine walking into your home after a long day at the office to be met with automatically adjusted lighting and room temperature, and custom music aligned with your own heartbeat? Thanks to smart tech, this dream (channelling Jetsons vibes) will soon become a reality. But first, let’s understand the basics of smart technology and what it really means for the not-so-distant future.

13Nine failed (but really cool) products that missed the digitech boat

We know that in an increasingly crowded market, new technologies must be ‘disruptively’ innovative to make an impact. However, very rarely do products actually succeed in becoming irreplaceable items in consumers’ everyday lives. Here are nine super awesome products that didn’t quite make it (but totally should have).

2 Personal health in the digital age

We’ve seen the wearables created by Nike and Fitbit that can record heart rate and count calories and steps taken, but why hasn’t digital technology advanced into the health management industry? Brian Tilzer from TechCrunch explores the reasons for the medical industry’s inability to keep up with digital culture, and the potential opportunities for making health tech more accessible than ever through digital.


Tips & Tactics

10 3 steps to prepare for the first-party data movement

Last week, Robert Rose shared with King Content his insights into the future profitability of first-party data and how brands will soon be able to use this highly sought after information as an exchange of value in the B2B world. Here is a step-by-step approach to assist in teasing out a first-party data strategy.


7 43 career-advancing online courses that can be completed before half past wine

Mashable has tried and tested free education courses to put together the best in programming, design, online marketing, communication, entrepreneurship and new languages, with some taking as little as 14 minutes to complete!


9 Smart hacks to aid the dreadful task of proofreading 

There is literally no better feeling in the world than finishing off a blog article with the final full stop. While admiring the blocks of text teamed with a few visuals like a proud parent, there is one last thing that needs to be done: the dreaded proofread. Consumers have little patience for small, fixable errors online and they can erode a website’s credibility, so it’s imperative your content is free of mistakes. Stefanie Flaxman from Copyblogger supplies us with the essentials for becoming proofreading proficient.

1 Latest must-reads for content marketers on the fly

Roger C. Parker from The Content Marketing Institute gives his list of books to get those creative content juices flowing. There are reads on subscription marketing, breaking through the clutter, turning limitations into advantages and the vitality of experiences.


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