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October 7, 2015Uncategorized

The week in content marketing with strategist Lieu Pham

Bloomberg Business takes a look at the Volkswagen crisis and ponders whether the brand can recover from such a scandal, while Toyota announces it’s going to be the first manufacturer to mass-market talking cars.

Continuing on from last week, Copyblogger gives us its take on how ad blocking is creating opportunities for smart publishers and native advertising. Elsewhere we dissect our watching habits with The New York Times ‘TV Transformed’ series, and check out the winners that were named in Interbrand’s top 100 greatest brands in the world. No surprises for who made the top spot. 

Media & Marketing

1Can Volkswagen recover its brand reputation?

Volkswagen stocks have fallen and, according to one London consultancy, the value of the brand has plummeted by US$10 billion. This Bloomberg piece dissects the scandal from a PR crisis and brand perspective, with branding experts weighing in on the scandal. Can Volkswagen ever recover?






2Best global brands rankings 2015
Global brand consultancy Interbrand has just released its 2015 top 100 brands list. For the third year running, Apple and Google topped the chart, with other winners including Coca-Cola, Toyota, General Electric, McDonald’s and newcomers Lenovo and PayPal.







2TV Transformed

In this era of on-demand media, it’s normal for us to binge-watch (“feasting” as Netflix calls it) while trying to guess the plot line via social media networks. A few decades ago, we may have settled for an hour of our favourite show, but today we want it all at once. The New York Times‘ Terrence Rafferty contemplates how our changing TV habits are transforming this storytelling medium.






1Ad blocking shouldn’t scare us

‘Ad blocking’-geddon continues to wreak international havoc and generate discussion across our networks. According to a PageFair study, the latest iOS update will cost publishers US$22 billion in revenue this year. So does this spell the end of our favourite online media? What’s a viable revenue model? And can native advertising save the day? Demian Farnworth of Copyblogger weighs in on the global issue.





Social & Tech


65 unmissable apps

If you’re looking for the next big thing in apps, you may want to try out some new entrants. Mashable’s Karissa Bell introduces us to a line-up of new players including Hipstamatic (remember life before Instagram?), a snooping app and a secret messaging app.






5Your tweets can reveal how much money you make

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania claim there is a relationship between Twitter data and income. While many of the findings were obvious, there were some interesting correlations – specifically that people in higher-income brackets were less anxious. An interesting one for data scientists to mull over.






4Toyota will sell cars that talk

Cars that talk to each other and to the infrastructure around us will soon be available to purchase. As reported in this Forbes piece by Matthew De Paula, Toyota recently announced it will be the first to mass-market cars fitted with ITS (intelligent transportation system) on three of its vehicles in Japan to reduce accidents. Could Toyota’s talking cars be a step towards a driverless future?





Tips & Tactics


3Social media experiments

If your social posting is feeling lacklustre, it’s time for a test-and-learn approach. The Buffer team has put together a month’s worth of social media experiments to try. There are some sound tactics in there accompanied by a few clever tools. Go forth and experiment!







75 ways to create a Facebook ad

In this era of ‘pay to play’, advertising on social networks is becoming the norm rather than the exception. Facebook advertising can be tricky, particularly if you’re new to this paid media tactic, so leave it to the experts to guide you. If you’re fixed on doing it yourself, however, spend some time getting to know the features of this ever-changing platform. Strategist Samuel Edwards offers his tips on creating a Facebook ad campaign.





3How to score a meeting

We all know the saying: “It’s not what you know but who you know.” And in this world of unabashed networking and referrals, it pays to know how to perfect the art of asking for a meeting. Whether you’re asking for some career advice, pitching an idea or looking to get a break, Harvard Business Review offers some winning strategies to get your foot in that proverbial door.







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