The week in content marketing

June 26, 2012Uncategorized

1) 5 reasons why content marketing is no buzzword

People have been telling stories to attract customers for years – since the beginning of time, in fact!
Content marketing has come a long way, and here’s Joe Pulizzi to tell us how.

2) 22 ways to create content

Compelling and engaging content is what we deliver. How we go about it is a different story. A few tips for those of you who eat, sleep and live for content creation.

3) Top 10 most important SEO & social media marketing tactics of 2012
A good social media strategy contributes to your SEO initiative. Take these top 10 tactics into account to maximise your content marketing, such as #8: Publish awesome content on your blog (lots of it!).

4) Social media: It’s a matter of time

How often have you stopped to consider when might be the best time to share your content? Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr – all have varying peak times. Here’s a quick overview.

5) My big fat content marketing project

This article on how to manage large teams of writers under short deadlines comes from Sarah Mitchell, Director of site content at AMMA and also the editor of the Australian edition of Chief Content Officer (CCO).

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