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August 5, 2015Uncategorized

The week in content marketing with strategist Lieu Pham

How content marketing has empowered the finance industry, and look at how TV networks are getting into bed with new media to stay alive in a Millennial-dominated environment. Also customers are becoming more and more involved in products thanks to crowdsourced marketplaces, and Adobe believes it is has created a groundbreaking shoppable video platform.

In other news, we check out Hubspot’s guide to determining your hourly rate as a freelancer, and the CMI reports on the lightbulb moments of content marketing gurus from Content Marketing World 2015.

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1The finance industry is cashing in on content marketing

In finance, as in other industries, customers are no longer responding to one-size-fits-all solutions. The CMI examines how the power of content has helped modernise marketing strategies for financial institutions, highlighting perfect examples of how players in this heavily regulated sector have tapped into content gaps and created truly engaging content.




4NBC makes up for missing the millennial mark with $250M BuzzFeed investment

Most of us spend a large chunk of our lives on social networks and messaging apps, all to get our daily dose of people and content in the one place. As old and new media continue to merge, it’s no huge surprise that NBC Universal is close to locking down a $250 million investment with Millennial-whisperer BuzzFeed. The traditional media outlets are determined to win back the attention of the video-binging generation.



10The DIY strategy behind the Star Wars and Adidas collab

As the design-it-yourself trend grows, brands of all shapes and sizes are trying to widen their appeal by giving their customers the freedom to tailor their own product. Adidas and Star Wars have used the force (sorry – had to) of this trend to launch a collaboration that allows sneaker freaks to create their own Star Wars-themed sneakers. Zoe Henry from looks at the opportunities and difficulties of the limited-edition market.



Social & Tech

3Gain a much better understanding of your audience with KYA Analytics tool

KYA (Know Your Audience) Analytics makes it easier than ever for publishers to understand their audience and track engagement to create the highest-value content. The digital analytics service addresses the common pain point of making sense of data that comes out of other analytics services. TechCrunch explores the many unique features of KYA and its combination of analytics and recommendations services.



7The power of the crowdsourced e-commerce marketplace

Wired interviews Mariam Naficy, founder of Minted, an online marketplace that crowdsources art and graphic design through a community voting system. Minted is just one more company to enter the realm of crowdsourced spaces, joining big-time players like Etsy, Threadless and Amazon. Naficy speaks of the advantages of the up-and-coming digital e-commerce platforms, and what the shift means for traditional vendors.



9Adobe releases shoppable video

Usability seems to be the main reason why video and e-commerce have been slow to take off together. The awkward overlays, clicking on moving visuals and lack of technical expertise have been some reasons for the pause button being pressed. Adobe thinks it’s solved those issues, unveiling the company’s newest shoppable video platform, available in Australia from August.




5Melburnians can feel the film with emotion simulator at MIFF

The Melbourne International Film Festival is always looking for ways to push for innovation, and this year is no different. The MIFF Emotion Simulator is a custom-built movie chair that enables movie watchers to experience the emotions of the movie before they actually experience it. Using electrodes attached to the face, participants can experience happiness, sadness, disgust, fear, anger and surprise.



Tips & Tactics

8How to calculate your hourly rate as a freelancer

Hubspot breaks down the costs of doing business as a freelancer, ensuring that you don’t end up underpaid and overworked.





6Three lessons from three key brand players

Jim Joseph from Entrepreneur explains the value of understanding how key players approach the marketing of their products and brands in order to find inspiration for your own marketing efforts. He looks campaigns by Capital One, Tylenol and Nike, and presents some key questions to ask yourself during the strategy phase.




217+ content marketing epiphanies from Jay Baer (Convince & Convert), Paul Roetzer (PR2020) and more

Presenters from Content Marketing World 2015 share their lightbulb moments to help you advance your content marketing programs and get the creative juices going.




11Six ways to harness the power of influencer marketing

Lisa Toner from Hubspot shares six must-try ways to leverage the success of influencer marketing and get influencers to share content for maximum impact.




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