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May 20, 2015Uncategorized

The week in content marketing with strategist Lieu Pham

This week the Financial Times announces a new metric to sell advertising, Facebook translates carousel ads for mobile and Google looks set to launch a subscription model. Over in the US, retailers demonstrate the power of social media engagement to inform wider marketing messages, and it turns out users prefer mobile browsers to apps for local searches. Plus, get a glimpse of Michael Fassbender as Steve Jobs in Aaron Sorkin’s movie.

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3How Google could offer ‘all access’ news subscriptions and help journalism

People subscribe to a range of services to access music, movies, recipes, books and TV shows, so why not content? Google looks set to test the paid subscription model by offering services from a range of news publishers to searchers for a monthly fee. Find out how it might work. 


1The Financial Times is now selling ‘long form’ digital display ads

The Financial Times is about to shake up the world of digital advertising with a new approach to digital advertising. Advertisers will be charged on a cost-per-hour model (CPH) instead of the traditional cost-per-thousand-viewers (CPM). The system is based on engagement metrics and has already been explored by publishers including The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, The Economist and Upworthy.


3_1Keyword research for the modern customer journey

Think that keyword research doesn’t matter in the ‘no problem’ phase of the customer journey? This article reveals reasons and tactics for using SEO at each stage of the funnel.


14Podcasting and the selling of public radio

Is public radio ready for the free market? Producers in the US are attempting to persuade advertisers to sponsor public media podcasts rather than relying on the goodwill of listeners.


1_1Why Facebook’s news experiment matters to readers

Forget about page views and time to load, Claire Cain Miller argues that Facebook’s latest publishing play is all about who owns the relationship with the audience. Does this mean that website homepages may one day lose dominance in the same way that newspaper front pages already have before them? Yes, if Facebook and co have anything to do with it.


11First trailer for ‘Steve Jobs’ shows Michael Fassbender in the famous turtleneck

If you’ve already forgotten about Ashton Kutcher’s turn as Steve Jobs (we don’t blame you!), you’ll be ready for the next big screen adaptation of the Apple legend’s life. This time Irish charmer Michael Fassbender gives it a go alongside Seth Rogen and Kate Winslet.


13Cross-channel marketing in an omnichannel world: No, it’s not impossible

How do you reach your customers at every stage of the buyer journey when that journey has become so complex? Break your cross-channel marketing into smaller, manageable pieces.


7Retailers check out social data to improve customer experience

Retailers in the US are integrating CRM systems with Facebook and Twitter to make the most of social engagement insights. Can your social stats improve the relevance of your marketing communications and increase the resonance they have with customers?


2_1The 6 characteristics of great content

Great content should demonstrate passion for a topic and strengthen relationships between a brand and its customers. Does your content offering adhere to these six practices?



Social & Tech

8Facebook carousel ads for mobile

Following the success of carousel link ads, it’s no surprise that Facebook has extended the product onto mobile. The format supports up to five images with links and the social channel claims the ads are “helpful for both direct response and brand awareness marketing”. 


27 ways to say thank you on Twitter

Sorry seems to be the hardest word, but apparently there are seven ways to say thank you on Twitter. And, like many things on social media, few of the options actually involve words.


9Survey: Consumers prefer mobile browser to apps for local information

What do consumers require from mobile website experiences? Apparently quite a bit. A survey discussed on Search Engine Land suggests that more people use mobile browsers than use native apps when it comes to consulting maps and local business information. Find out which information is most important to a user when they are searching on the go.


Tips & Tactics

517 recipes to help every content marketer work better

Unfamiliar with IFTTT? Prepare to have your eyes opened to 17 ways that the platform If This Then That can save you time and connect your online publishing experiences.


4Research-backed strategies for writing powerful headlines [Infographic]

Think headline writing is an art rather than a science? Consider the purpose and placement of your headline before you assume you’ve got it right. This infographic shows you how:


10How to test your email campaign [Infographic]

What’s the different between A/B testing and multivariate testing? This infographic attempts to solve testing confusion with a breakdown of each category and when to use them.


6Are productivity articles making you unproductive?

Looking for another list article on how to become more productive? This podcast seeks to send the warning that life hacks and inspiring words fall flat without practical real world application.


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