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September 27, 2013Uncategorized

King Content blog The week in content marketingIt’s been another fantastic week in content marketing.

The follow-on effects of Content Marketing World 2013 were seen across social media this week, as buzzing discussions about the future of content marketing emerged.

Let’s have a look at some of this week’s top stories!

Content marketing boldly goes forward: 7 trends from #CMWorld
Joe Pulizzi, Founder of the Content Marketing Institute and all-around content marketing guru, provides an amazing summary of the seven content marketing trends to come out of Content Marketing World 2013. This post also features the Content Marketing Institute’s great listly page which collates all of the content produced off the back of the event.

10 Key lessons from Content Marketing World 2013
Content Marketing World offered insights on the direction of content marketing. Our run down of the key lessons points out things to implement and keep in mind. From this we have learnt that, “content marketing requires ongoing agility and dynamism; it’s not a sprint, but a marathon.”

What is the future of content marketing?
What’s the future of content marketing? Michael Brenner from B2B Marketing Insider pointed out why this question needs to be asked in his article, and also gave some insight into what he believes is the future of content marketing. More visuals, snackable content, and brands moving towards in-house newsroom style setups are just a few of his predictions.

Content Marketing World 2013: Insights from Lee Odden
Forecasting the future of search and social, in his keynote Lee Odden explored what developments would need to occur in content marketing to ensure strategies remain effective. Here are his key lessons for content marketers who want to own search and social.

A guide to content optimization with performance testing
Just publishing your content is not enough! Measurement, performance testing and agile optimisation are now critical to content marketing success.

Content marketing lessons from Four Seasons
Four Seasons’ Director of Interactive Marketing, Robert Simons, teamed up with Craig Waller from Pace Communications to take the hotel’s marketing in a new direction. The hotel chain is now producing 3400 pieces of content a week! These lessons examine why the Four Seasons are doing so well with their content marketing strategy.

Key insights from Content Marketing World 2013
This summary of Content Marketing World takes you through the key insights from some of the most interesting sessions at the conference from day one and two.

The 6 principles of Epic Content Marketing
Joe Pulizzi of the Content Marketing Institute examines 6 principles of epic content marketing. He also points out epic content marketing that already exists. Check out his go-to sources for both engaging and relevant content.

The other C word
In this fantastic slideshare, Doug Kessler from Velocity Partners outlines the (not so) secret ingredient that makes content marketing great.


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