The week in content marketing

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The week in content marketing

Lieu Pham King Content


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This week, social media gets a verification audit, Nike wins at the content marketing game, the CMI wants to hire a chief content curator, Twitter and Facebook explore the potential of e-commerce, and Reebok embraces its Paleo-diet-loving customers with some cured meats.

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Upworthy’s sponsored posts are crushing their regular editorial

Despite being derided as a clickbait shop, Upworthy has actually never monetised those clicks through display advertising, and only started making money a few months ago when they launched their sponsored content offering, dubbed ‘Upworthy Collaborations’. Upworthy reports these posts (compared with editorial) are getting three and a half times the shares, three times the views and three times the ‘attention minutes’.

10Why CMI is hiring for a new content role

Joe Pulizzi makes the case for hiring a chief content curator. “Content curation is a means by which we either supplement or promote our brand’s point of view to our specific audiences within the context of how the ‘world’ is talking about that particular topic”, Pulizzi says.

8Neuroscience says stories may make people love brands more than families

Three in eight people love a brand more than their spouses or kids – and all because of the “story button” in their brains. Neuroscientist Dr. Paul Zak came to this conclusion by testing the amount of oxytocin – the emotion triggered when you’re hugged by a loved one – that was released in people’s brains when they were asked about brands they claimed to love.

11This B2B company published a children’s book

Featuring everything from a cute cardboard jacket to a special place to write whose book this belongs to, this eye-catching booklet is the company’s latest (and most whimsical) foray into creative B2B marketing.

3Nike is winning the content marketing game

In order to stand out from all the noise today, you need to have people on your staff who can tell a story. Social media and digital are about much more than the platforms – they’re about the ability to tug at consumers through meaningful and engaging content. It’s about telling it, not selling it. Keep that in mind as you build a team, vision and strategy.


12WhatsApp overtakes Facebook Messenger

GlobalWebIndex’s latest figures show WhatsApp has now passed Facebook Messenger to become the top mobile chat app globally. But as Quack! Messenger launches in the UK – promising its users a share of ad revenue – what factors are driving the boom in mobile messaging? And what fate lies ahead for the humble SMS? Jason Mander, Head of Trends at GlobalWebIndex, talks us through some of their key findings.

7Why Facebook and Twitter are embracing e-commerce

By introducing commerce options on site, Facebook and Twitter may bring in additional revenue streams. But the bigger goal for both social networks, according to analysts, may simply be to use commerce as a way to boost engagement.


When good people share bad things

The communal and rapid-fire nature of many social media platforms creates the potential for errors and falsehoods – an emerging practice in conflict-related propaganda – to go viral. Newspapers, in particular, have built up trusted brands and relationships with their communities over decades, if not centuries. Part of that trust flows from people knowing that what they see and read is credible information that has gone through a verification process. So how do we define verification in 2014, particularly for social media?



What you need to know about ‘Generation Alpha’ 

Just about everyone under the age of five falls into the Alpha category. And it will encompass anyone born in the next 15 years. Unlike previous generations, which have simply used technology, Alphas will spend the bulk of their formative years completely immersed in it.

1Reebok woos the CrossFit community with bacon

The sportswear company wanted to engage with the CrossFit community in an authentic, memorable way. The CrossFit community loves bacon. They eat it. They talk about it. Some even wear clothes featuring it. “We wanted to embrace the love of bacon and build something fun for the community, while remaining authentic to its spirit,” says Will McGinness, executive creative director at Venables Bell & Partners, the agency that devised the meaty stunt. Reebok, you had me at bacon.

2Vibrating shoes help the blind get around

Imagine a pair of shoes that not only feel comfortable and help you exercise, but also point you where you need to go. That’s the idea with Lechal shoes, the first footwear with smartphone-connected ‘haptic’ technology.

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Copyblogger takes us through the concept of the hero’s journey as a content marketing model that educates an audience through the storytelling arc.


4How to build the commodities of identity and trust in social media

So how do you build that most valued of commodities in social media (and business in general) – identity and trust? Especially in such a crowded space? Thankfully, it’s not that hard – but it does take work and stamina. Let’s dig in.