The week in content marketing

June 26, 2013Uncategorized

King Content blog The week in content marketing

It can be tricky keeping up with content marketing news and advice, so we’ve curated the latest and greatest from around the web.

Catch up, soak it in and share with other content enthusiasts.

[Video] Does your organisation need a Chief Content Officer?

Fantastic panel discussion from the Business Marketing Association’s (BMA) Blaze conference with Michael Brenner, Joe Pulizzi, Todd Wheatland and Jodi Navta.

What journalists can learn from content marketers: Q&A with Erin Scottberg

How do journalists fit in the emerging content marketing model? Check out this great Q&A.

10 Reasons marketers need to polish their social media skills

Are your social media tactics a little rusty? This week we take a look at the Social Media Examiner’s 2013 industry report and bring you the key takeaways!

Storytellers have more fun

Think your brand is too boring and mundane to tell great stories? Think again.

New frontiers in digital marketing: the convergence of technology, business and brands

What four trends are going to transform marketing in the next decade? We explore social innovator Rachel Botsman’s thoughts on the convergence of technology, business and brands and what this means for marketing.

4 Reasons content creators should celebrate Google Penguin 2.0

A great post on everything you need to know about Google’s latest algorithm update.

How to create a content marketing strategy that stands out from the crowd

Here’s an easy-to-follow, thirteen step plan to get your content marketing on track to succeed.