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July 29, 2015Uncategorized

The week in content marketing with strategist Lieu Pham

A look at the ‘free rent for life’ giveaway from, and we see who took home gold at the Native Creatives Awards. In other news, Campbell’s (as in the soup) is one more FMCG brand shifting its ad dollars over to digital marketing, while the use of location-target mobile marketing continues to increase among even the biggest multinational organisations.

Also in this edition, The Content Marketing Institute shows us how to leverage visual mapping to create a strong content strategy, and Geoffery James from shares inspirational videos that will empower even the world’s most motivated individuals. 

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13Get adspiration from the Native Creatives award show

The Native Creatives awards, presented by Sharethrough, showcases some of the most impressive native advertising campaigns to date. The two ways brands could win in each category consisted of ‘Judges Choice’ and ‘People’s Choice’. Here are the 2015 winners, ranging from Best Brand Content Hub right through to the Most Pioneering Publisher.
 promo to offer free rent for life

Digital living space has launched a social media competition offering free rent for life as part of its latest ‘Rent for Life Sweepstakes’ campaign. The runner-up offer is pretty sweet too: free rent for a year for 12 winners. To be in the running for the sweepstakes, renters must submit a review of their apartment. Each social share via Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or email constitutes a separate entry. Check out the campaign videos featuring actor Jeff Goldblum. 



8Shooting game shows the harsh realities of children in war-torn conflict 

As part of the charity’s HELP campaign, War Child UK’s video ‘Duty of Care’ uses a first-person shooting game to depict the horrors of war through the eyes of a nine-year-old girl. The campaign calls on the UK government to leverage its influence at the upcoming World Humanitarian Summit for increasing child protection services in war zones.




10Can digital save Campbells’ Soup?

In an attempt to combat the negative decline in sales, Campbell’s has announced plans to cut back on television placement and redistribute 40 per cent to media spend in 2016. Shifting its marketing budget around isn’t all that Campbell’s is doing – the company is also in the middle of a ‘master brand strategy’ that will involve updating its products to meet the needs of our health-conscious society.



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9Amazon and entrepreneurs in high hopes over Mexico’s innovation economy  

Tech Crunch looks into why digi-giants and entrepreneurs are flocking to Latin America’s second largest economy to take advantage of the rising youth-centric mobile- population middle class population, along with the opportunities and barriers to reaching the fast expanding market of Mexico.




5Geotargeting doubles the performance of email campaigns and paid search

Marketingland looks into the future of geotargeting for mobile, and how even the world’s biggest organisations are getting all hyperlocal, crafting content and promotions right down to specific stores and areas around the world. The geolocation market is prospering from innovation and effective technologies, but willing consumers giving up location data have remained a key player driving its success.



4YouTube is the Tinder for brands and vloggers

Lots of swiping-right action took place at VidCon this year, with YouTube playing matchmaker to potential video collaborations between major brands such as Purina, Proactive, Beats by Dre, and top vloggers including Bethany Mota and LaurDIY. Peer-to-peer recommendations have become a major online activity, and brands are hooking up with YouTube sensations for a shot at placing video-bingeing audiences at the heart of their content.



7Uber vs Airbnb: Innovation leaders go head to head

No longer do we stay in hotels or travel around in yellow cabs. Instead we use Airbnb to book a room with a local family and travel to places by Uber right from the tap of your smartphone. These two businesses may offer completely different services, both share the driver seat for the “sharing economy”. Reelseo places both innovation leaders head to head, comparing their utilisation of video and the opportunities we can take away from their success.



2Part 2 of Linkedin’s report on the power of the rising affluent Millennial

LinkedIn and Ipsos have conducted a global study to suss out the attitudes and behaviours of the more educated, financially savvy group of Millennials who are having a substantial impact on the finance industry. The second part of this study explores the ways in which this group is preparing for its future, from taking control of their own financial strategies to going beyond generic methods of banking.



BLOGAmazon takes down retail juggernaut Walmart for first place in the retail market 

For a company that initially launched as an online bookseller 21 years ago, to be worth more than one of the world’s largest retail monster brands is pretty amazing. This shift of the retail top-dog indicates just how powerful online retailing is and how it will continue to play an integral role to expanding the global economy.




1Missed the 30-second time limit to stop an accidental email on Gmail? Don’t worry; Dmail can blow it up for you.

Meet Dmail, Gmail’s badass brother that will get you out of trouble without anyone needing to know what could’ve been. Dmail is a new ‘self-destructing’ email service that allows you to revoke access to any email at any time – and soon you will be able to stop receivers from forwarding your accidental emails almost immediately. While Gmail’s ‘undo send’ option enables you to stop an email within 30 seconds of sending it, Dmail can exterminate the email at any time.



Tips & Tactics


12How to use visual mapping to set out a clear content strategy

I’m sure many of us have had that overwhelming feeling where we feel buried under the vast content opportunities and just can’t seem to create a clear picture of what will be most valuable toyour strategy. The Content Marketing Institute shows the power of visual mapping to seek out ideas and formats, to avoid gaps and lower the time wasted from running around in circles.




3Five questions to ask before launching a business blog

‘Agile Careerist’ Jeff Shuey has come up with five questions to ask your client/yourself before beginning the journey to a fully functioning business blog. In a checklist format, Shuey addresses the top elements to consider before making such a long-term commitment to creating and curating content.





6Heidi Cohen on how to make powerful speeches

Heidi Cohen interviews author and marketer Eamonn O’Brien from the Reluctant Speakers Club about his latest public-speaking novel and the key takeaways for anyone in business to transform their speech-making abilities into delivering memorable presentations.

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