The week in content marketing #88

October 28, 2015Uncategorized

The week in content marketing with strategist Lieu Pham

This week, we learn about vodka brand Absolut’s 30-year plan to create weird and unexpected nightlife experiences through a blend of technology, art and music. Elsewhere, Coca-Cola dips its toe into the podcasting arena, Mashable unveils its Knowledge Graph tool, which claims to measure the virality of content, and a dancing Drake overtakes the internet with UGC memes.

Also in this edition, we look at the potential of Periscopes for charities, and we check out a new initiative from a New Zealand startup that’s launched an auction-based Facebook portal for art, lifestyle and interior products. Going, going, gone! 


Marketing & Media

7Absolut is planning the next 30 years of nightlife

Spearheaded by brand director Afdhel Aziz, Absolut wants to apply all the research they’ve collected on nightclub experiences (check out their 21-page report on nightlife 2014) to push nightlife to the next level. This is not the first time nightclubs have been a creative subject – in 2012, media giant VICE followed five designers as they created the nightclub of the future in documentary series Discotecture. Absolut recently tested a project with Google Cardboard headsets at a Bob Moses gig – fans who couldn’t attend experienced it the virtual-reality way.




1Can content save advertising? [Podcast]

On this week’s This Old Marketing with Robert Rose and Joe Pulizzi, they discuss the recent Ad Age article – “Up for debate: Can content really save advertising?” – which categorises all branded storytelling into the same thing, whether it’s advertorial, native advertising or branded content. Pulizzi says there are lots of different business models that need to be recognised and treated differently. He goes on to say that advertising is not dying – it’s just changing to drive a better result in the context of our media habits. To paraphrase the two content marketers: we can elevate advertising to something better than the banner ad.




2Coke creates podcast with iHeartMedia to target teens

Coca-Cola is partnering up with iHeartRadio’s content division, Soundboard, in its first podcast foray. The podcast, First Taste Fridays, targets teens and features the latest music and behind-the-scenes artist interviews. The first episode aired earlier in October and the next will be released this Friday. The new content initiative is part of Coca-Cola’s Content 2020, a content marketing mission that outlines their transition from one-way marketing to content marketing excellence.





Social & Tech


4Inside the art of Hotline Bling memes: #thatcanonlymeanonething

As the internet would have it, we’ve been graced by yet another celebrity marketing hit: Drake’s “Hotline Bling” clip (or renditions of it) featuring Drake dancing in silly outfits under trippy lighting for five minutes straight. Jon Caramanica from The New York Times pulls apart the elements and the concept of art built into the clip, created solely to break the internet with memes and tweaks. The meme that superimposed lightsabers into Drake’s hands is an incredible piece of art in itself. 





6The self-fulfilling prophecy of Back to the Future

The future of technology is indeed upon us – but in the words of Marty McFly, we’re already behind schedule. The sheer presence of imagination and creativity in Back to the Future has fuelled the concepts of hovercrafts, robots and self-lacing sneakers to become a reality. Dezeen explains how products and technologies of the future will fit into society.






3Mashable’s “Knowledge Graph” measures viral content across channels

In attempt to get one up on BuzzFeed, Mashable has created a new tool that tracks how branded content pinballs across a variety of channels, from social media to harder-to-measure platforms like email and text messaging. Knowledge Graph benefits not only marketers, but users as well. The anonymity of the data supplied to brands will stop marketers from targeting readers with any additional re-marketing efforts.


 – news, media and lifestyle e-commerce on FB, New Zealand’s leading news website, is taking a leaf out of Facebook’s playbook and giving readers even fewer reasons to leave their social portal with GetStuff – a Facebook auction-based portal for lifestyle and interior products. Users can bid for contemporary artwork by NZ’s best up-and-coming talent. Is this what we can expect to see in the future for publishers as they resist less and agree more to social media partnerships?





Tips & Tactics


5Periscope for charities

Aside from streaming your own reality TV show, Periscope holds a surprisingly big opportunity for NFPs to increase awareness and generate donations. Lorrie Delk Walker from Ragan shares seven ways not-for-profits can drive buzz in creative ways on the live-streaming app.






BLOG 2.0 (1)Copyblogger’s guide to the perfect digital home

If you’re interested in starting an online commerce platform, or just looking to optimise an existing one, this Copyblogger series offers thoughtful advice on what to give away for free, how to create a welcoming UX design and the best ways to put together digital product packages.






9How to: Launch a marketing campaign on a $1000 budget

There’s no doubt that creativity, above all else, is what drives a successful marketing campaign. The challenge, however, is the costs involved in distributing and promoting creativity and innovation to the public. Sujan Patel from Entrepreneur breaks down cost-effective email, video and social media promotion tactics to create a state-of-the-art campaign with just $1000.





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