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May 27, 2015Uncategorized

The week in content marketing with strategist Lieu Pham

This week we witness Delta’s meme-filled safety video take off, and see how emojis can be used as communication tools for children when words fail. In other news, Google introduces shoppable ads on YouTube, and scientific research unveils the most effective filters on Instagram. Also in this edition, Ann Handley shares her best writing advice, Sean Callaghan explains how marketing automation can be employed to reach customers while you sleep, and Hannah Eisenberg offers 10 guidelines to creating a killer quiz. 

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BLOG (1)Delta Air Lines’ new safety video is a meme-lovers dream

With special cameos by Annoying Orange, Keyboard Cat and Screaming Goat, Delta has set itself up for viral success. The airline has taken over 20 characters from the most viral videos on the internet to create a safety demonstration video for passengers. As expected, the meme-packed demonstration has itself gone viral, generating over four million views since being uploaded last week. Watch it here:

2Is community the next big thing in digital strategy?

Ashley Hayes predicts that community focus will be placed at the heart of digital strategy as major brands create employee communities and encourage the creation of user-generated content in a bid to remain relevant and shorten the sales cycle.

3‘Abused emojis’ can help when words fail

Brands are now embracing the power of marketing with emojis that enhance communication. They’re being used to order pizza and raise awareness about endangered species. Now, emojis are making it possible for children to talk about situations without using words. A children’s helpline in Sweden launched a series of ‘abused emojis’ as a tool to speak up about a situation where they have been harmed or mistreated.

4Native ads are the future

In a world of banner blindness, native advertising is part of the natural evolution of content marketing. Marketing Land’s Soo Jin Oh highlights the key reasons why consumers are becoming more receptive to native advertising efforts and how brand-generated content lifts company perceptions if orchestrated in an innovative and engaging manner.

Social & Tech

5Me & City takes fashion to the streets with #FashionStreetView app

Chinese youth fashion brand Me & City brought a more realistic, modern twist to Shanghai Fashion Week this year with its digital campaign, #FashionStreetView. The youth fashion retailer turned Shanghai’s streets into a 360-degree digital runway where users were able to view the youth brand’s latest collection in a real-life setting and purchase items directly through the app.

6Spotify to launch a range of video, podcasts and activity-based listening to aid your attention span

In an attempt to place itself in direct competition with organisations like Apple, subscription-based music giant Spotify plans to broaden its product offering by introducing videos, podcasts and personalised playlists based on what users are doing at a certain time.

7Valencia drives higher engagement on Instagram, according to science

Researchers at Yahoo Labs and Georgia Tech analysed over seven million photos from image-sharing platforms to answer the question on many social marketers’ minds: which Instagram filter is the most effective?

8Google launches shoppable ads on YouTube

Google has introduced shoppable elements to YouTube’s skippable pre-roll ads, known as TrueView ads, to bridge the gap between products viewed online and the ability to purchase them. The new offering enables users to buy products directly from some TrueView ads, opening up a bigger e-commerce opportunity for vloggers and video content publishers.

Tips & Tactics

9Ann Handley shares 8 of her most effective writing tools

Bestselling author and content marketing queen, Ann Handley, goes through eight of her most helpful tools for stopping writer’s block and getting those creative juices flowing.


10How to reach customers while you sleep

Sean Callahan discusses the necessary marketing automation tools to incorporate into your digital strategy, making your company accessible to anyone, anytime, anywhere.


1110 tips for creating a killer quiz

People love to share things that represent who they really are, which is why quizzes are one of the more addictive and shareable content formats on the web. Hannah Eisenberg shares 10 guidelines to creating a quiz that generates engaging conversation and drives social media traffic.

127 tactics for creating an engaged Instagram following

You’ve got an Instagram page, a content strategy, and you’re posting high quality content. All that’s missing now is the loyal group of followers. Social Media Examiner’s Ross Simmonds offers seven tips on how to build on community engagement on Instagram to drive profitable ROI.

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