The week in content marketing

March 27, 2015Uncategorized

The week in content marketing with King Content strategist Lieu Pham

Facebook’s plan for world dominance is taking full flight this week with a chain of announcements, including its acquisition of LiveRail to help publishers sell more ads, its launch of Messenger Platform to connect customers with businesses and its quiet purchase of TheFind, a shopping search engine to build up its e-commerce capabilities. Google and Amazon are taking note.

Meanwhile, we revisit the clicks versus engagement debate, focus on content as a change agent and ponder creativity as we know it.

Content Marketing & Media

5Build trust, not traffic

It seems we need to be reminded about the metrics that really matter. Remember folks, bigger is not necessarily better when it comes to eyeballs on pages. It’s about engagement and awareness, not clicks, followers or likes.

10Transformation of a digital organisation

Content as a change agent can be a powerful catalyst and as Huffington Post author Andy Betts explains, content and digital have become interchangeable. Implementing change of any kind can be a challenging undertaking, particularly for large organisations when technology, data and people are taken into consideration.

4The end of creativity

This opinion piece shows how we as a generation are rejecting the myths of creativity and are developing a better understanding of the concept in a time of mass production. While we may not be created equal when it comes to creativity, we are certainly more creative than we think we are. 


Social & Tech

6Facebook takes control with LiveRail

On Wednesday, the networking giant announced it will purchase LiveRail to help publishers sell more video ads. Behind the acquisition, Facebook wants to one-up Google by becoming the dominant operator for digital advertising and wants control of branded content.

1Facebook may hosts news

It’s no secret that Facebook wants to become a news organisation. They’ve been holding meetings with media companies in the hope of unveiling a plan that would mean all content would be consumed on Facebook, rather than being linked out to an external site. The first partners of this new arrangement are The New York Times, BuzzFeed and National Geographic.


9Facebook launches Messenger Platform for content tools and chat with businesses

Messenger Platform allows its 600 million users to create and share content with third-party tools, while also allowing phone-shy customers to communicate directly with businesses.


7Why Facebook buying TheFind could be huge for retailers 

Facebook is upping its e-commerce game with the purchase of shopping search engine TheFind. In an attempt to lure more ad dollars from retailers, it’s integrating the platform to test new features, such as buy buttons on ads and dynamic product retargeting with multi-product ads.

Tips, Tools & Tactics

2A crash course in link building

Links are the social currency of the web. Make all the right moves and you can get some serious digital cred, but one false or dodgy link can relegate you so deep in search that you might as well shut up shop. Here’s a 12-minute podcast about how you can get those links without looking spammy.


8Tips and resources for building a content marketing machine

Need some assistance pulling together a content marketing plan? Help is here. Buffer’s round-up of more than 37 resources, including everything from guides to stats, will help you keep those clogs turning. 


3Three ways to create action-oriented content marketing

The CMI explains why it’s important to align your content with our transactional marketing efforts. Here’s a few ways we can put some action back into our content marketing activities.



10What does swiping right and an emoji have in common?

Marketers can sometimes take ourselves a little too seriously. We can get a little too caught up in the business, the process, the ROI and the corporate cycles; a bit too focused on ‘appropriate’ channels and formulated personas. So much so, that we forget the old ‘surprise and delight’.


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