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August 26, 2015Uncategorized

The week in content marketing with strategist Lieu Pham

This week, we learn about Pocari Sweat’s plans to be the first company to advertise on the moon, we watch Microsoft’s attempts to reach top-of-mind awareness among UK students using web influencers and video, and we see how iSkin takes wearable technology to a whole new level.

In other news, Venture Beat details this year’s completely overhyped technologies, and Apple receives criticism for its obsession with data control. Also in this edition, Kyle Lacy from Convince & Convert outlines the unique content opportunities that arise when sales partner with marketing, and Entrepreneur’s Firas Kittaneh offers his solutions to the common challenges facing digital marketers.

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6Key players drive digital change in the auto industry

Econsultancy takes a look at some of the most memorable content-marketing campaigns from car companies over the past couple of years. Volkswagen, Subaru and Mercedes-Benz (among other brands) use apps, influencers and interactive video to stay ahead of the game. 






11Pocari Sweat’s new product placement… on the moon

Japanese sports drink Pocari Sweat, which, according to a CNBC journo, tastes like Gatorade and resembles, well, sweat, is set to be the first product advertised on the moon. The goal of the campaign? Marketers hope that a child will grow up to become an astronaut, travel to space and drink a can of Pocari Sweat.






8Microsoft Surface works with young influencers to inspire UK students

In an attempt to reach out to millennials entering adulthood, Microsoft Surface has collaborated with 25 influencers. Together, they’ve created an inspirational campaign, which they plan to distribute while UK students are receiving their GCSE results.






Social & Tech


9New touch-screen tech — on your skin

Imagine answering the phone by touching your arm. Yes, that’s right, the latest smart technology involves interaction with your own skin. iSkin uses high-tech sensors in an elastic film that can stick to practically any place on the body. Stretched, pulled or bent, the sensitive film can pick up any touch, and the rumour is that this material could be the missing ingredient we need to make robots more realistic than ever.






1Don’t believe the hype: technologies that failed to meet high expectations

In light of research firm Gartner’s latest hype-cycle report, Venture Beat looks at the technologies that were pumped so full of marketing tactics that by the time they were launched, most turned out to be total let-downs.






7Apple’s trust issues bug the tech world

As the world continues to marvel at Apple’s success, tech gurus and digital bloggers are pulling up the giant for its obsession with centralised control. The company’s ongoing wars with jailbreakers make it clear that Apple has a very specific vision for the way it wants users to interact with its products. Tech Crunch’s Jon Evans explains why no single company should have access to such an incredible wealth of data, and why individuals should be the only people controlling their online existence. 





5Brands stick to the status quo in print, apart from Target

Last week, we looked at the way beauty brands are bridging the gap between online and offline media, and now US Target is experimenting with multichannel advertising. While Target partnered with Shazam for this year’s September issue of US Vogue, other high-end brands, including tech giants such as Apple, limited their presence to traditional print ads. Could Vogue be one of those brands that will always cling to tradition? Or will next year’s iconic September issue reveal a complete digital shift? 





Tips & Tactics


108 tactics for creating effective call-to-action messages

Web influencer Neil Patel offers eight simple tactics for creating compelling calls to action, along with great examples from companies such as Quick Sprout, Insightly and Moz.







25 ways that marketing and sales can create high-value content

Marketing and sales have long been two separate playing fields. The aggressive, hard-headed connotations attached to sales and the fussy, data-driven ideas tied to marketing make it impossible to imagine the two collaborating. Convince & Convert’s Kyle Lacy outlines the valuable content these departments can create when they work together.






4Hubspot’s 20 favourite PowerPoint presentation designs

Got a presentation on the horizon and feel like refreshing the stock-standard format? Hubspot shares its favourite PowerPoint designs from Velocity Partners, MarketingProfs, We Are Social and Gary Vaynerchuk, among others.







36 solutions to common digital-marketing challenges

Thanks to the always-on and ever-changing digital landscape, marketers continue to face some tough challenges. Entrepreneur’s Firas Kittaneh addresses six common obstacles that marketers face — from constant Google algorithm updates to ineffective online advertising — and how to deal with them.






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