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TWICM Every week, Melbourne Content Strategist Lieu Pham compiles the latest content marketing articles, news and advice from the web to create the week in content marketing. Sit back, relax and enjoy staying on top of the latest digital content marketing news and trends!

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Back for round two, Facebook relaunches competitor Slingshot to rival Snapchat. The Content Marketing Institute asks which content type brands should be focusing on. We also examine the art and science of viral videos. Meanwhile, a Romanian shepherd gets a free phone and becomes an internet sensation.

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Does content marketing have a ghostwriting problem?

Should journalists write for big money and no credit? Little money and total credit? Or should we hold expensive seminars to teach others how to write well? In this post, Contently presents both sides of the debate.

2Content marketing budgets are increasing, but do we know how to spend them?

It starts with the fact that with more money comes more pressure to prove results. And unfortunately marketers are still struggling to prove content ROI. According to the Content Marketing Institute, only 24 per cent of content marketers said they had a good ability to measure content ROI.

21Sponsors now pay for online articles, not just ads

It has become increasingly difficult for readers to tell the difference between editorial and advertising. Well-known online publications like The Huffington Post, The Atlantic, BuzzFeed and Business Insider all use some form of branded content. So just how is this growing practice changing the media landscape?

3Mix content types for success

The Content Marketing Institute conducted a study in an effort to help clarify where brands should focus their content marketing efforts. Its goal was to determine which types of content were needed at different stages of the consumer’s decision-making process. Here are the results.    



LinkedIn unveils new app dedicated to job searches

The Job Search app includes search filters like seniority level, industry and location, and both searches and individual jobs can be saved for a second look down the road. The new app will also recommend positions to you based on openings you’ve viewed and saved job searches.

5Report: Facebook attracts advertisers for sales

eMarketer says Facebook is getting better at attracting the kind of ads that Google is known for – those that directly lead to sales – and relying less on big companies to place ads primarily to burnish their image or brand.

6Also: New report reveals just how drastically brand engagement is plummeting on Facebook

According to a new report from Simply Measured, the total engagement for the top 10 most-followed brands on Facebook has declined 40 per cent year over year – even as brands have increased the amount of content they’re posting by over 20 per cent.

7Case study: How Estée Lauder creates effective photos for social media

The 68-year-old flagship brand from Estée Lauder Cos. is making a big push to modernise and attract new customers with a social-media strategy full of images that are aspirational yet relatable.

10Twitter to acquire live video platform SnappyTV

Twitter is set to acquire SnappyTV, a live video platform, to boost its Twitter Amplify program. SnappyTV is a cloud-based platform that allows users to quickly edit and share clips from TV broadcasts.


9Snapchat rolls out group-sharing feature for concerns

The social platform is testing a new group-sharing feature that pulls posts from many users into one large Snapchat Story.



Facebook relaunches Snapchat competitor Slingshot

Facebook is ready to take on Snapchat with a new ephemeral messaging app – for the second time. The social network relaunched Slingshot on Tuesday, an app for sending disappearing photo and video messages similar to those sent via Snapchat.

11 creative brands using Twitter’s GIF feature

In a move that will forever animate your Twitter feeds – GIFs have finally arrived on Twitter. Native uploading of GIFs is now accessible via the Twitter website and also iOS and Android mobile apps.


The recipe for perfect social media posts

When you post on social platforms, you have to do a lot more than just post a link with a quick description if you want lots of people to click on it. You have to actually optimise your posts for each network. This great infographic shows you how.

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13Four simple ways to make automated emails feel personal

Automation can actually make your marketing more personal, and can also help you remain consistent in your messaging across every channel. Here are four easy ways to create more on-brand emails that resonate with your prospects, using marketing automation, your data and a little creativity.

14The art and science of viral videos

While there is no tried-and-true formula for virality, there are some elements that we consistently see – and knowing what they are puts you one step closer to attaining that viral glory. HubSpot gives us a useful checklist.


How to get started with podcasts

Podcasts seem to be a growing trend, especially in the US. Here’s a handy beginner’s guide to podcasting.

16How successful writers curate ideas

Successful writers have found ways to overcome the trepidation of the blank page, and most don’t even consider ‘writer’s block’ to be a real thing. So what is it that separates these writers from the rest of us?


17Three ways to measure success with Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a one-stop shop that most website owners utilise from the get-go. However, due to the wealth of data this tool can provide, it can be difficult to determine exactly which information will be most informative. Here are three suggestions for using Google Analytics to measure the potential success of your content marketing strategy.

Three methods to get more creative ideas out of your next brainstorming meeting

If the objective is to inspire innovation and stimulate creativity, maybe it’s time to shake up the brainstorm formula. Here are three methods you can use to rock your creative brainstorm.


18Vodafone gives a phone to a shepherd and turns him into an internet sensation

Agency McCann Bucharest decided to show how technology can change someone’s life by giving Ghita, a real shepherd living in a remote area, a smartphone and a tablet, and teaching him how to use social networks.

19A newspaper made up of the reader’s favourite stories from the web

PaperLater enables users to save material from the web and have it delivered in a personalised newspaper three to five days later.

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