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June 24, 2015Uncategorized

The week in content marketing with strategist Lieu Pham

This week, Mattel launches a new, ethnically diverse collection of dolls supported by a new promotional approach, King Content’s Leanne Brinkies talks transparency in native advertising, and the CMI’s Robert Rose offers his wisdom on the current state of content marketing. Meanwhile, Apple Music bows down to Taylor Swift, and podcasting blossoms – slowly. Plus, some tips for leaders on coming across authentically on social media, and how retailers can make the best use of Google Analytics.

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Mattel launches a diverse Barbie collection

Barbie has received her most radical makeover yet, with the newest collection of 23 dolls featuring several different skin tones, 14 different facial sculpts, and 18 eye colours. Mattel’s rollout attempts to reflect global diversity and celebrate fashion as a form of expression. To promote the campaign, the brand is shifting from its traditional media promotion activities and integrating TV, digital, social and direct marketing elements to effectively showcase the new line.

2Leanne Brinkies talks transparency in native advertising

It’s clear that with native advertising comes the obligation to publicly announce that yes, this ad was paid for. One of our own, Leanne Brinkies, explains that while readers have the right to know when content has been placed by a third party, the more valuable and relevant a piece of information is (branded or not), the less a consumer will care about the origins of the writer.

18Robert Rose’s take on the state of content marketing in 2015

CMI’s Chief Strategy Officer and content marketing king Robert Rose talks struggle to success in the content marketing field, and goes through some insights from the 2015 State of Enterprise Content Marketing report.

6Visage launches web-based DIY tool for creating data graphics

Content creation platform Visage has launched a web-based ‘do-it-yourself’ tool for creating branded data graphics. According to Visage, marketers can automatically create visuals around data using its templates, which include text graphics for adding quotes and other non-data content to an image.

16Are smartphones changing the future of storytelling?

Storytelling is a vital instrument for content marketing, sales and corporate communication, and the way we tell stories is evolving along with our devices. The question on many marketers and publicists’ minds is: will text survive as we continuously move towards visual forms of storytelling to access news and information?

3Going ‘glocal’: Taking a multi-region rollout approach to content marketing

Lisa Bjorksten, King Content’s Vice President, New York, discusses the key considerations when it comes to embarking on a global content marketing program.

Social & Tech

17Google aims to own online ad attribution, native ad serving

Thanks to Google’s new insight tools, marketers are now able to track when an ad on a website leads to the purchase of a product on another. This is part of Google’s wish to provide information that merges consumer behaviour data from various screens and devices to stitch together a customer journey. Google’s also planning to unveil a new ad serving product geared toward native advertising.

5Watch out Spotify – Taylor and Apple have kissed and made up

The weekend saw Taylor Swift drag Apple’s name through the mud after she opposed the lack of artist compensation during the Apple Music introductory trial period. In response to the digital blows, Apple bowed down to the music star, announcing the company will now pay royalties to all artists during the three-month duration of the trial. The lessons learnt from this situation: whatever Spotify can do, Apple can do better.

7You can’t touch this

The newest wearable is… you. Google’s Project Soli uses radar technology to track a user’s finger-motion up to 10,000 frames per second. The accuracy of the chip can transform your hand into numerous virtual dials, from a knob to a slider to a button.

4Podcasting blossoms, but in slow motion

The old adage about slow and steady winning the race may have no more appropriate application than to the world of podcasting. Prone to cycles of hype and doom, the medium has soldiered on, with the largest podcasting operations attracting sizeable audiences and advertising revenue. Some are even calling it the future of radio.

8A new app to make life easier for diabetics, using Instagram

Turkish mobile operator, Turkcell, and agency R/GA London have created an app to make adjusting to the necessary life changes after a diabetes diagnosis easier. The app, Healthmeter, tracks a user’s condition via a photographic journal, using Instagram.


Tips & Tactics

10How to be a leader with #nofilter

There is nothing less tasteful than seeing an executive’s ‘canned’ quality activities on Facebook. With more organisations recognising the importance of putting a face to a name, it’s become even easier for audiences to tell a personalised post from a generic Facebook status that’s been pumped with PR. Blake Morgan from Forbes goes through five ways C-level executives can be more likeable on social media.

113 ‘hidden’ Google Analytics reports for retailers

Despite its undoubted usefulness for measuring a site’s traffic and advertising ROI, Google Analytics is perhaps not the most intuitive platform around, meaning users could be missing out on important insights. David Rekuc of Marketing Land reveals three reports retailers may not be using that can help them uncover useful data.

9The content marketing toolkit

There’s always more to learn about content marketing. Sandie Young of PR 20/20 has curated a few of the site’s favorite content marketing resources, tools, charts and graphics for advancing content marketing practice, from idea generation to production.

123 things writers must do before clicking ‘publish’

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a sub-editor constantly at hand to polish your work before publication? In the absence of one, though, it’s up to you to check your own writing. Here are three tips from Ragan on what you should do before hitting publish.

13Best practices: How to create a rewards program that really works

Consumers’ wallets (or phones) are fat with rewards cards from the myriad programs available, but a recent US study found that only 50 per cent of people in these programs are active members. Ashley Rodriguez of Adage sets out four best practices for rewards programs that brands should take on board.

145 way to build an airtight case for boosting your marketing budget

Marketing now owns the sales cycle, writes Doug Camplejohn, founder and CEO of Entrepreneur, and marketers have doubled down on customer experience investments, like content development, marketing automation and hyper-personalisation. All this costs money, though, and the budget conversation is one of the most important a senior marketing officer will have all year. Camplejohn offers five tips to give yourself the best chance of success.

15In case of emergency: how to create and launch a content marketing campaign in 5 hours

Need to create a content marketing campaign, like, yesterday? Erik Devaney for HubSpot sets out a full solution, executable in only five hours.



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