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April 24, 2015Uncategorized

The week in content marketing with King Content strategist Lieu Pham


This week we witness the battle between BuzzFeed’s advertising forces and editorial content, and hear about Airbnb’s plans to help us foster lifelong friendships with strangers. In other news, America’s police forces are developing sophisticated social media monitoring systems to catch criminals, and Google now allows us to gain access to everything we’ve ever searched. Also in this edition, we shed some light on the best strategies for maximising the value of content creation.

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4BuzzFeed bows to advertising pressure

Viral juggernaut BuzzFeed has been scrutinised for its recent deletions of content following complaints by advertisers. Posts criticising giant corporations such as Unilever, Microsoft, Pepsi and the board game Monopoly mysteriously disappeared, despite the company’s new editorial standards and ethics guide stressing ‘a strict and traditional separation between advertising and editorial content’.


11Airbnb promotes the kindness of strangers in its first ever television and digital campaign

Airbnb’s Never a Stranger campaign is its first to incorporate television and digital. The spot addresses the fear of staying with complete strangers, replacing it with a positive spin. The campaign engages real hosts from New York, Paris and Tokyo to highlight the service’s unique opportunities to foster friendships and become ‘one of the family at every stop’.


2Amp up your reputation with lifestyle content

Consumers drown in thousands of marketing messages each day, posing an ongoing battle for brands to remain relevant. Te-Erika Patterson explains how supplying inspiring experiences, stories and information to customers will create a loyal band of customers-turned-ambassadors.


8Should brands be closing the gap in a gender-confused society?

Studies have shown that as consumers we value brands highly if we are capable of assigning to them a particular gender. With the amount of power brands have to alter consumer behaviour, should they take it upon themselves to lead the way in eradicating gender stereotypes, welcoming androgyny and eradicating stereotypical attitudes towards gender among customers?


Social & Tech

BLOG (3)YouTube app will no longer work on second-gen Apple TV and older iOS devices

After 22 April, specially made YouTube apps will no longer be accessible through second-gen Apple TV or on Apple devices using anything older than iOS 7. The news is being broadcast via a YouTube discontinuation video shared on all older devices. 


6Now you can see what you searched on Google years ago

In the past Google has let users view their search histories, but it has never provided an opportunity to download an entire search archive. Now, you can download the information onto Google Drive using a simple two-step process. The new feature plays an integral part in the push for personal data to become readily accessible to the user, anytime, anywhere.


9Cops are using social media as a crime-fighting tool

Facebook has become the ultimate snitch for uncovering criminal activity in America. Police are trawling social media more than ever, uncovering digital trails left behind by criminals that are later used as evidence in investigations. While Facebook monitoring has indeed led to fair arrests and convictions, there lies the potential for ill-informed police action due to Facebook’s inability to pick up the complexity of human relationships and online activity.


Tips & Tactics

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7How to maximise the value of content creation

Developing high quality content should not mean producing one dynamite blog post for your client – it must involve a much more in-depth process comprising extensive planning and research to reach your intended user. Dorie Clark describes how CEO of Evolve! Media & Marketing Agency and Forbes columnist, Mark Fidelman, creates valuable, researched content that offers multiple networking and lead generation opportunities.

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