The week in content marketing

July 23, 2014Uncategorized

The week in content marketing

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This week, we gain insight into winning over both baby boomers and Millennials, learn how readers really feel about sponsored content and discover why Airbnb is set to be the king of the sharing economy.

Plus stories on Barbie’s foray into LinkedIn, testing blog titles with Twitter and so much more…

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Sponsored content has a trust problem

How sponsored content should be labelled has been a hot-button issue. Chartbeat research reveals that misgivings about sponsored content become more pronounced with education level, which is troubling for many publishers actively selling a highly educated, high-earning audience.


Amazon: The Netflix of e-books?

The e-commerce giant is working on a subscription e-book service called Kindle Unlimited, which would offer unlimited e-book rentals for US$9.99 a month. It’s a move that’s very much aligned with where both the tech and the publishing industry are headed.


Airbnb rebranding hints at things to come

Brian Chesky, CEO of Airbnb, teases a new branding campaign will soon work its way into a slew of Airbnb services and products. The company is testing a variety of new sharing products, ranging from cleaning services to new key-exchange processes to ride sharing.


Four tips for marketing to baby boomers in the digital age

As boomers become increasingly social media savvy, they’ll be able to put their money towards whatever’s trending. As a result, they may become the key to success for many brands. Here are some branding tips targeting baby boomers.


Millennials unimpressed by content marketing, yet willing to be won over

Millennials aren’t impressed, by and large, with the content that brands are lobbing their way. But according to a new study, this doesn’t mean they aren’t willing to be won over.


What makes a great brand?

A SlideShare highlights some of the discoveries made while talking with marketers about the marketing they find most inspiring.



The science of viral content: Which emotions make us share?

To create a campaign that will be popular with men, women, Millennials and baby boomers, it’s going to take more than a few cat pictures and some Auto-Tune.



Can LinkedIn help Barbie reinvent herself for 2014?

Mattel has decided to highlight Barbie’s one asset that blows everything else in the toy aisle out of the water: her jam-packed résumé. And now she has a LinkedIn page to show it off. Will Barbie’s new social media presence be enough to combat her decrease in sales?



App tracks product price drops with a simple screenshot
With a screenshot of an online product, SnapUp helps mobile shoppers organise their wanted items and automatically lets them know when they’re on sale.



Are you leveraging data-driven digital marketing?

Data-driven marketing refers to acquiring information about consumer needs, wants and behaviours and then analysing and applying that information to marketing campaigns. Clearly there are benefits to a data-driven marketing approach, but how can you implement it and make the most of it?


Twitter aims to help marketers create real-time content

Twitter has created a new visualisation tool to help marketers harness ‘everyday moments’ and aid an always-on approach to the platform.

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16How to create a social media marketing plan from scratch

Starting at the ground floor and building up, here is an overview of how to create a social media marketing plan from scratch.



Five subtle writing strategies that drive email signups

You already have so many ongoing content marketing tasks. When it comes to growing your email list, which methods work and which ones are a waste of time? Here are five writing strategies for blogs and online advertising campaigns that could lead to more subscribers.


How to test blog titles with Twitter

Around six out of every ten people don’t go beyond reading titles when they follow the news on a daily or weekly basis. Effective headlines are absolutely essential to the success of your content when clickthroughs are on the line. To find the best headlines, you need a place to test them. Enter: Twitter.


How to use Google Analytics Audience data to improve your marketing

Need to get your head around Google Analytics reporting? Here’s a basic guide to navigate the types of data found in the Google Analytics Audience section and how it can apply to your online marketing strategy.


New Twitter dashboard lets you measure performance of organic tweets

Knowing more about the performance of individual organic tweets can offer you a wealth of knowledge about what is and isn’t working in your Twitter strategy. It can also help you optimise both your organic and promoted tweets.


The three-step guide to better blogging

The blogging bar has definitely been raised. It’s no longer enough to throw up the occasional press release. Your audience expects more. So if you’re hesitant to launch your company’s blog – or you’ve already launched it, but it needs a little love – here’s a three-step guide to better blogging.


Discover a potent new digital-marketing weapon

Here are four examples of how you can start using curiosity effectively today.


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