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July 22, 2015Uncategorized

The week in content marketing with strategist Lieu Pham

A look at the brands that are inspiring content marketing experts and we watch a video on the brains behind the iconic ‘You bought a Jeep?’ ad. In other stories, a new social network is spreading like an epidemic, and AU/NZ marketers are seeing the vital importance of tech knowledge and digital marketing – according to the latest reports.

Also in this edition, author Adele Revella shares ‘buyer persona’ insights from her new book, and Social Media Today tells us how to write great copy across different social networks.

Content, Media & Marketing 

2The brands that are inspiring content marketing experts

Leading marketers share their favourite brands that are setting the bar high in the content marketing industry. From mega companies such as Coca-Cola, to modern phenomena such as Dollar Shave Club, and small start-ups, it’s clear that organisations of all types can share success in the power of content creation.


2Finalists in the running for first-ever #femvertising awards

Hosted by SheKnows Media, the #femvertising awards honour brands that build awareness around gender stereotypes and create pro-female messages to target women. Adweek looks at the finalists who have successfully celebrated women through content marketing. The four categories for the awards are Humour, Inspiration, Next Generation and Social Impact. 


10Mumbrella360 on: ‘You bought a Jeep?’

Watch Mumbrella360’s latest session on the brains behind the iconic ‘You bought a Jeep?’ advertising campaign. CEO Chris Jeffares and Co-Executive Creative Director Jim Ingram explain the market problem they wished to solve from the campaign – and the creative processes that orchestrated Jeep’s success.



8Multi-channel touchpoints are useless without creativity and a strong idea

Global Head of Strategy at Havas Media, Rori DuBoff, explains the positive impact of non-traditional media on today’s marketing and advertising industry and the five key areas to pay attention to when creating a strategy.


Social & Tech

6Facebook testing a new way to make you watch even more videos

As the number of video views per day has crept up to four billion, Facebook is experimenting with a new “watch later” option. The networking site’s latest venture takes a shot at YouTube’s already-operating function. Facebook’s various improvements to video have created another tool for capturing time-poor audiences and yet another new source for rich data.

1The social network that spreads like the Plag

Thought nothing could top Facebook or Twitter? Plag is here to try. The new social app spreads your post to users in your area rather than limiting it only to your friends. The idea is to spread high-quality content to audiences with varying views and backgrounds. The app has some cool features, too. It allows you to track the progress of your post on a global map and the number of people you “infect”.

7Interior design is moving online

The interior design industry has always been looked at as a luxury, available exclusively to those prepared to shell out thousands to create a space emulating personal style. With interior design drastically shifting around the DIY movement, Pinterest, and high-quality online content sources, the industry is transitioning into a more efficient, affordable, and global online marketplace.

3Australian and New Zealand marketers need tech knowledge

Nadia Cameron from CMO breaks down the results from the latest Econsultancy report on digital technology and marketing. The outcomes make it clear that AU/NZ marketers are now fully aware of the web’s vital role in the customer journey and the need to possess marketing technology knowledge if they want to stay ahead of the game.

Tips & Tactics

4How to write killer content for email, social media, and online 

Cariane King from Social Media Today shares a handy cheat sheet that tells us exactly how to write great copy across each medium and what to include for maximum impact. This infographic makes things simple.


5Think of your brand like Disney’s “Spaceship Earth”

The polyhedron statue at Disneyworld is made up of 11,000 silver triangles, each contributing to the unique shape of one of the world’s most iconic structures. Jason Lankow from the Content Marketing Institute applies the ideas of the multisided, sturdy structure to leveraging your brand’s story.


1How to build actionable buyer personas

Heidi Cohen interviews Marketing Author Adele Revella about her new book; ‘Buyer Personas’ and the often-missed insight available to uncovering consumer buying decisions. The accompanied infographic offers very useful tips on getting rid of irrelevant data and opening up the buyer’s authentic voice. 


9Tips on delivering content to different generations

When creating and distributing content to each of the generation groups, marketers must first understand the key differences underlying online consumption and know which questions to ask when creating a generation-targeted strategy. shares the latest findings on consumption behaviour across Millennials, Gen X and Baby Boomers.


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