The week in content marketing #87

October 21, 2015Uncategorized

The week in content marketing with strategist Lieu Pham

This week, Jay Z schools us in building a personal brand (99 problems but marketing ain’t one) while Amazon sues fake reviewers threatening online trust. We look back on the rise of Airbnb – or, how to build an empire in 18 months – while Nestlé and Woolworths gain insight into consumer behaviour with the latest eye-tracking technology. As usual, Facebook continues its quest for world domination and Pinterest improves its customer experience with its new ‘place pins’ venue information feature. 

Content Marketing & Media

6How Airbnb’s CMO built a home-sharing empire in 18 months

I’ll admit it. The first time I heard about the idea of people renting rooms in a stranger’s house over the internet with little more than an email exchange, I thought it was a little creepy. However, with a unique idea and some incredibly persuasive marketing, Airbnb’s CMO, Jonathan Mildenhall, morphed a stubborn stigma into a key selling point for the accommodation juggernaut. Mildenhall speaks to Adweek about the need for brands to operate fearlessly and create a unique vision.





8Amazon targets fake reviews

Authentic and independent user reviews help build consumer trust on e-commerce sites. A spate of fake reviews, however, is threatening to undermine several online marketplaces, including Amazon. To protect the online trust of its platform, Amazon has filed a lawsuit – the second this year – targeting users posting fake reviews for money. The online giant is suing over 1100 members of the freelance marketplace Fiverr for posting fake reviews.





2The rebirth of television, thanks to digital disruption

If there’s one book that every media professional out there should be reading right now, it’s this one. In Television Is the New Television, author Michael Wolff argues that the inability to scale digital media will enable traditional marketing to steal back the dollars from ad targeting and digital placement. Tim Burrowes, content director at Mumbrella, explains the effect the book has had on his vision for the media and marketing future, and why all marketers must develop an opinion on the questions Wolff raises.






Social & Tech

9How Facebook is cannibalising the web

Facebook is unstoppable. In a bid to move closer to its “open and connected” mission, the social networking giant has become a digital black hole, sucking everything from news, shopping, video and live streaming into its app so you never have to leave. TechCrunch has compiled 20 of Facebook’s functions that deliver everything you’ll ever need online.






4Pinterest improves UX by adding automatic venue information to images

Pinterest is making it even easier for users to plan trips and dinner dates, thanks to the latest features added to its ‘place pins’ function. The location information, including an address, phone number, operating hours and map preview, will automatically be attached to every location image on the visual inspiration platform. Pinners can now contact a venue or source directions directly from Pinterest in an attempt to steer users away from switching to platforms like Google Maps. 





7Tracking eye movement reveals insight into Aussie shopper behaviour

Nestlé and Woolworths have acquired groundbreaking information into buyer behaviour as a result of their partnership with Gateway – a research technology firm. In Gateway’s latest research report, the eye movements of 300 Australian shoppers were tracked and recorded using high-tech glasses, identifying positive and negative components of the consumer experience, shopper movements, and hot and cold spots within a supermarket. CMO looks at the improved results from this technology compared to the outcomes of traditional research groups.




Tips & Tactics 


5Jay Z got 99 problems but branding ain’t one

Shawn Carter, otherwise known as Jay Z, is not only one of the most powerful rappers in the world, but also an international business kingpin. According to the music star, it’s not enough to produce art – you are expected to become it, promote others to grow it and build an army of media-attracting advocates. With a net worth of over $560 million, Jay Z’s branding lessons should be pure gold for marketers.






3Four strategies to complete high-priority work in just a couple of hours

Writing endless to-do lists and piling hundreds of tasks on your plate can leave you feeling overwhelmed and just plain stuck. According to Fast Company, research shows that being productive all day is completely unreasonable, and it’s not something we should actually be trying to achieve. These four strategies will see you creating two really productive hours every day.






1Track, monitor and measure brand mentions with these social tools

John Lincoln from Marketingland shares the most efficient tools to monitor, check, communicate and record what consumers are saying about your brand. Lincoln also reveals some great tips on the best ways to respond to comments that could potentially help or hinder your company’s reputation.






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