The week in content marketing

August 20, 2014Uncategorized

The week in content marketing

Lieu Pham King Content

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This week: King Content is announced as a LinkedIn Certified Content Partner, we gain insight into BuzzFeed’s native advertising, a closer look at L’Oréal’s marketing, visual branding tips from the CMI, Google’s ZMOT, Drone-vertising in Russia, and stacks of free tools for content marketing success.

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TWICM BlogKing Content joins forces with LinkedIn to boost content marketing success 

King Content is announced as LinkedIn Certified Content Partner, giving brands in APAC unprecedented access to a full suite of content marketing solutions.



Content is the new sales call

There are companies that aren’t creating easily accessible content in the form of blogs, articles, white papers, infographics, videos and more. But how do they provide the one-to-one marketing experience that entices, educates and engages customers to move along the buyer’s journey with their brand? The ZMOT story continues.


BuzzFeed’s future depends on convincing us that ads aren’t ads

BuzzFeed’s native ads are working, as it expects around US$120 million in sales this year. People are in fact clicking these posts and reading them. Some are even sharing them. But are they good for BuzzFeed’s readers and, by extension, the company in the long run?



How L’Oréal is changing the face of beauty marketing

L’Oréal recognised early on the potential for informative content that does more than push a product. Over the past five years, the cosmetics giant has provided their consumers with targeted and interactive content in lieu of one-way, aspirational messaging. In an interview with CMO, L’Oréal CMO Marc Speichert explained this approach focuses on the “long tail of content” for the consumer’s “evaluation phase”.


Make your visual content stand out with a signature brand look

Well-crafted visuals can help you build trust, differentiate your company and grow your business. Conversely, poorly-conceived visual content can damage your audience’s perceptions of your brand. How should you brand your visual content?



Zelda Williams is the latest to leave Twitter because of ugly attacks

Robin Williams’ daughter left Twitter after receiving cruel messages and photos from other users. Her case is high profile, but this kind of abuse happens every day online – and no one is doing anything about it.


Will music videos add machismo to Pinterest?

After adding consumer video sites YouTube and Vimeo as content partners, Pinterest announced that it’s working to include VEVO in its roster of external media providers. Users will be able to watch VEVO’s music videos when they are curated on Pinterest boards, as well as pin videos from VEVO directly to their boards via the share button.


8 simple tips that can help you stand out on social networks

If your business is going to invest in Twitter as a social media marketing channel, you should make sure it is worth your while. Check out advice from 31 experts such as Jason Keath, Adam Braun, Britt Michaelian, Kim Garst and many more:



The big list of free Twitter tools

Tools for productivity, efficiency, research, and so much more – Buffer has collected a great bunch to share with us. Here are all the tools they’ve found helpful and many more worth trying.



9 Snapchat tips and tricks you may not know about

Whether you’re a Snapchat newbie or power user, you can step up your game with these tips and tricks.



5 optimisation tips for auditing content

A content audit lets you identify whether your content is shareable and optimised for search engines. Here’s a simple checklist:



How to double your email subscribers

If you’re interested in growing your email list and gaining new subscribers, borrow these great ideas from Buffer.



How to write better headlines [infographic]

This infographic gives you a formula for creating enticing headlines. Though there’s no one-size-fits-all headline trope that guarantees a crazy influx of traffic, the tactics within should help you tweak your headlines to get your posts the attention they deserve.



Print is down, and now out

“The persistent financial demands of Wall Street have trumped the informational needs of Main Street”.



Google tests “Listen Now’’ ads for music searches

When consumers search for musicians via Google on desktop or mobile devices, the display ads appear grouped together under a “Listen Now” label and promote services that include Google Play.



Introducing Drone-vertising

Russia’s first Drone-vertising campaign for Wokker used drones to show off the fast food company’s rice and noodle dishes. The airborne advertising hit Moscow’s financial district, promoting lunches to busy office workers. Reportedly, it increased sales by 40 per cent.


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